How do Supply Drops work?
The Supply Drops loot system rewards players with random special items that can be used to customize Operators in Multiplayer. Supply Drops are available in all game modes, and can be reviewed in the Armory in Multiplayer.
  • Campaign Mode – earned at various checkpoints or after completing objectives
  • Exo Survival Mode – earned by unlocking tiers and completing areas
  • Multiplayer – earned naturally by playing Multiplayer matches
The only way to increase the rate in which Supply Drops are given is to play Multiplayer matches. The more often a player participates in Multiplayer matches, the more often Supply Drops drop. 

Find out what to do if an error occurs when opening a Supply Drop.

What kind of loot items come in Supply Drops?
The quantity and quality of loot items within a Supply Drop is completely random. For example, players may receive loot items that they cannot use yet, such as weapons that are locked based on a player's rank. Players may also receive loot items of a lesser quality than items they already possess.

Supply Drop loot items are grouped in the following categories:
  • Weapon Loot – Custom variants of the basic weapons available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Weapon Loot items include custom skins, modified weapon stats, and fixed attachments.
  • Character Gear – Used to customize the look of your Operator, Character Gear allows you to switch up your Operator’s style. Character Gear is purely cosmetic and has no affect on an Operator’s abilities.
  • Reinforcements – Reinforcement drops include one-shot special bonus Scorestreaks or Perks that give you an early but temporary edge in a Multiplayer match.
    • EXP Boosts – short-terms bursts that allow players to earn extra experience
    • Rapid Supply Drops – decreases the amount of time until the next Supply Drop
    • Orbital Care Packages – random Scorestreak or Perk that must be used in the next match
How do I manage my Armory inventory?
Inventory items are broken into three categories within the Armory:
  • Redeemable Loot holds items that can be redeemed for XP. The Armory can display up to 84 Redeemable Loot items.
  • Time Limited Loot houses items that will expire if they aren't used.
  • Permanent Loot contains items that cannot be redeemed for XP. Permanent Loot items do not count toward the 84 slots under Redeemable Loot.