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Call of Duty: WWII Headquarters

A breakdown of everything you can do in Headquarters


Welcome to Headquarters, the in-game outpost for Call of Duty: WWII. In Headquarters, you can interact with allied military personnel who offer Contracts or Daily and Weekly Orders as well as visit stations that let you experiment with weapons and Scorestreaks, collect wages and messages, enter Prestige, and much more.

To enter and explore Headquarters, select Multiplayer from the game's Main Menu, then select Play Online.


WWII Headquarters


Game Modes

Open the menu anywhere in Headquarters and go to the FIND MATCH tab to select any game mode. Choose Public or Custom Multiplayer matches, launch Campaign, or jump into Nazi Zombies.


Supply Drops

Press R2 anywhere in Headquarters to see your available Supply Drops. To open a Supply Drop, go to any open area in Headquarters, then select an available Supply Drop to open and collect your loot.



The Mail vendor is where you pick up rewards and packages. You'll also receive Payroll in the form of Armory Credits. Be sure to come back often – you can collect 100 Armory Credits every four hours.


Firing Range

Simply walk up to the Firing Range to begin testing your Primary and Secondary weapons as well as Lethals and Tacticals. Be on the lookout for Orders with specific requirements to meet within the Firing Range.



Visit the Quartermaster and use your Armory Credits to purchase Contracts or items to complete your Collections.

Contracts are just one of the many ways to earn loot items and XP bonuses in Call of Duty: WWII. You can have a maximum of three Contracts active at one time.

The Collections menu allows you to check out all the items you own as well as the items you need to collect to complete a Collection. Collections include Weapon variants, Emotes, Calling Cards, Pistol Grips, and Uniforms. Completing a Collection nets you a special Epic item.


Major Howard

Report to Major Howard in the Operations Bunker to receive Daily and Weekly Orders. Complete Daily or Weekly Orders to earn rewards including Supply Drops, XP bonuses, Armory Credits, and more.

You can have up to three Daily Orders and three Weekly Orders active at a time. There is no time limit for completing Orders.

Once you fulfill an Order's requirements, go to the Orders tab in the Headquarters menu to redeem the Order and receive your rewards.



Not sure which Division is right for you? Check in with the Theater to watch the Divisions overview filmstrips detailing the look, strength, and specialties of each Division.

The Theater also offers videos of MLG games as well as other Video on Demand and Livestream content.



Have you hit maximum rank? Talk to the General in the Prestige Overlook to enter Prestige and collect your rewards for prestiging.

Entering Prestige grants you the following:

  • Prestige Unlock Token – permanently unlocks one item for your loadouts
  • Rank Reset – resets your soldier to Rank 1 and relocks all rank-dependent items, excluding any items that are permanently unlocked
  • Keep your progress – retain your Division Levels, Weapon Levels, challenge progress, and customization items
  • Prestige Rewards – get access to special Prestige Rewards and Challenges
  • Class Slot – get one additional class slot

Please note: The General and the Prestige Outlook are inaccessible until you reach maximum rank for the first time.


Emblem Gallery

Located just down the hill from the Theater, the Emblem Gallery is your one-stop shop to create and share emblems you’ve crafted, view and like emblems designed by your friends and the community, and apply emblems to your soldier.


Scorestreak Training Guide

Enter the guard tower near the beachhead to test Scorestreaks. Here you'll be able to experiment with any Scorestreak against waves of beach-storming AI enemies. Open the Options menu while in the guard tower to change a Scorestreak or look at your stats with a Scorestreak to gauge its effectiveness.

Note that if you're in a Lobby, entering Scorestreak Training will remove you from that Lobby.



The Gunsmith is where you can Prestige your weapons, adding a Kill Counter or Clan Tag to your favorite gun. You can also create and manage your Paint Jobs at the Gunsmith.



Looking for a quick match against a friend? Jump into 1V1 to test your skills against another player in the 1V1 Arena.

Once you and another player have queued up at the 1V1 Leaderboard, you'll each be presented with three weapons. After each of you chooses one weapon to ban from the match, you will do battle against each other using the remaining weapon.

The winner is the first player to get three kills, or the player with the most kills when the timer runs out. The winner stays in 1V1 and can then take on other challengers within Headquarters.



Head down into the underground bunker facing the beach to enter Nazi Zombies. Note that if you're in a Lobby, switching to Nazi Zombies will remove you from that Lobby. Also, if you're in a Party, your Party will switch to Nazi Zombies with you.



Looking to take a quick break from the intensity of the battlefield? Get some rest and relaxation playing some classic video games in all their 8-bit glory.



Various Leaderboards are scattered throughout Headquarters and let you see how you stack up against other players roaming around Headquarters.


Flak Guns

Axis forces will occasionally launch aerial attacks on Allied care package deliveries to Headquarters. An on-screen warning will alert you to an incoming attack, which is your queue to jump into one of the four Flak Guns positioned around Headquarters. Shoot down enemy fighters as they attempt to destroy care packages dropped by the Allies. If you defend the care packages and allow them to reach the ground, you or your fellow Headquarters players have about 10 seconds to collect the cargo. Every player present in Headquarters will be awarded 10 Armory Credits for each care package that's rescued.


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