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Adventure Mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

The fate of the world hangs in the balance

In Adventure Mode, the story-based game mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the sinister alien Nitros Oxide, the self-proclaimed fastest racer in the galaxy, comes to Earth seeking a worthy racing opponent. Become the best racer on the planet so you can race against Nitros Oxide and save the world!

1. What game modes are available in Adventure?

Before starting your Adventure, choose between two modes:

  • Classic – Play the original experience just as it was back in the day. You'll play as the same character from start to finish without any customization or difficulty setting, but you'll still get all the rewards!
  • Nitro Fueled – Play with any item you've unlocked. Switch and customize your character and your kart as you see fit. You can also choose between three difficulty settings.

2. What are Areas?

Adventure Mode begins on N. Sanity Beach, the first of four Areas you must conquer before you can challenge Nitros Oxide in Gemstone Valley. Use Areas to practice your driving skills, save your game, and compete in races.

Defeat the Boss in all four Areas for the chance to take on Nitros Oxide in your quest to save the planet from becoming a concrete parking lot where everyone will serve as Oxide's minions!

3. How do I access tracks?

Tracks are accessed by driving onto active Warp Pads, which are indicated by a flashing Dot on the minimap.

Tracks that are not accessible require Trophies to activate the Warp Pad. The amount of Trophies required to activate a Warp Pad and unlock the track is indicated by a number floating about the Warp Pad.

4. How do I activate a Warp Pad?

Finishing a track in first place wins you a Trophy. Trophies activate Warp Pads and unlock other tracks within an Area. Once you've completed all four standard tracks in an Area, a Boss Door opens, unlocking the Boss track.

5. How do I create an Area?

Each Area has a Boss who you must beat in a race on the Boss track in order to progress to another Area. Winning a Boss race earns you a Boss Key used to open Area Doors.

Boss Doors are indicated by a star on the minimap.

6. How do I unlock doors?

Winning a race on the Boss track awards a Boss Key, which are then used to unlock Area Doors that lead to new Areas. Note that some doors require more than one Boss Key to open.

Area Doors are indicated by a double arrow icon on the minimap.

7. How do I load or save a game?

You can load a saved game or save your progress at any time while you're in an Area. Simply drive up to green Load/Save screen and follow the directions on the screen.

Load/Save screens are indicated by a green bar on the minimap.

8. How do I choose a Character and customize my Kart?

Press the menu button while in an Adventure Area to access the Customization menu. Here you can choose the Character you want in the driver's seat along with a character skin, and you can customize the body, wheels, paint job, decal and sticker for your Kart.

As you play through the Adventure Mode, you'll unlock characters, character skins, and customization items to make your Character and Kart unique!

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