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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6

Get ready for an arsenal of new content and a new way to get around Verdansk

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Verdansk is picking up speed. Farah arrives in Season 6, and with her comes a lightning-fast way to travel around the area of operation. The newest season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone brings an arsenal of content and a whole lot of trouble for Zakhaev. Whether getting the drop by using the newly activated subway or crashing the gates in the Armored Royale limited-time mode, one thing is clear: Be ready for a fight.



BIO: An exceptional soldier who has known a lifetime of war, Farah Amhed Karim, is the Urzikstan Liberation Force's founder and commander. Her combat capabilities and fieldcraft have been further honed by Tier-1 level training with the SAS.

Full Name: Farah Karim

First Language: Urzikstani

Citizenship: Urzikstani

Faction: Coalition

Group: Warcom



BIO: A Russian patriot whose love of country is only matched by his love of weaponry, Nikolai is a fixer who can acquire anything, anywhere. Despite his murky background, when it counts most, he'll always choose right over wrong.

Full Name: [REDACTED]

First Language: Russian

Citizenship: Russian

Faction: Allegiance

Group: Chimera


Mialstor Tank Factory - 6v6 and 10v10 Multiplayer

General Features

The map has a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces. There are two large buildings in the center of the map: A tank factory and a warehouse. Other aspects of the map include an abandoned workshop, skybridge, scrapyard, shipping area, and residential zone. This map will be playable in both 6v6 and 10v10 modes with a different map size depending on the player count.


This map caters to all playstyles. The center of the map has two large buildings; the interiors promote short- to mid-range combat. These same buildings also have rooftop access that is exposed but provides long sightlines for any avid sniper. Around the center buildings are a scattering of snowdrifts, vehicles, and crates that provide cover as players navigate the terrain. These outside areas lend themselves to mid-range and long-range combat.


Broadcast - 6v6 Multiplayer

General Features

A large portion of the map takes place inside the TV station, where players will navigate the atrium, newsroom, tight corridors, office space, server, and storage rooms. The exterior includes the station parking lot, two smaller office buildings, and the TV station balconies.


Short-range weapons will thrive on this map. SMGs and shotguns dominate the tight spaces of the TV station. Mid-range weapons have some applicability on the TV station balconies and the parking lot. Players with sniper rifles will find some long sightlines in the exterior spaces or looking out from the atrium second floor but better be prepared with a CQC weapon when another player inevitably catches them in a tight hallway.


Station - 2v2 Gunfight

General Features

Set in front of an old rural train station, players will fight it out amongst the military cargo trains and the station's exterior.


Verdansk Riverside - Ground War

General Features

Flood the battlefield on the Riverside map. Stake your claim to either side of the river, and burn a few bridges along the way. With a wide-open space with indoor and outdoor elements, this map is ideal for a multitude of playstyles as you barge in and up the leaderboard.


Killstreak Confirmed

A new version of Kill Confirmed that uses wrapping killstreaks. Players can continue to earn killstreaks instead of just the usual one time through the chain per life.

  • Kill Confirmed mechanics and rules used
  • Killstreak points only come from enemy dog tag collection
  • Killstreaks do no reset on death
  • Killstreaks wrap


Gun Game Team Deathmatch

A new variation of Team Deathmatch where players use the rotating weapons from Gun Game. You pick your loadout for perks and equipment, but we override your weapons like Gun Game.

  • Each kill advances you to the next gun.
  • Getting a kill with the knife resets the list, and you start over again.
  • Scoring works the same as the mode you're playing; the weapon swaps are just how you kill.


Headquarters: Firefight / Hardpoint: Hills and Kills

Variation of classic, objective-based game modes where players get kills to add to their score instead of just playing the objective.


AS VAL - Assault Rifle

Unlocked in the Battle Pass

Chambered in subsonic 9x39mm and integrally suppressed, the AS VAL is a powerhouse built for stealth, accuracy, and penetration. This weapon will excel in the hands of an operator able to control heavy recoil and a high rate of fire.


SP-R 208 - Marksman Rifle

Unlocked in the Battle Pass

Reliable, hard-hitting .300 Win bolt action rifle from Sloan Precision. This weapon's extensive military and civilian use gives rise to an abundance of customization.



Armored Royale

Fast-paced, high action Battle Royale built around vehicle-on-vehicle combat. If you die, you respawn on your armored truck. If your truck dies/explodes, you can no longer respawn.



Use the Metro to move across Verdansk in an instant and never miss the action.

  • Multiple entry points around the map
  • Players' fast-travel' from one location to the next
  • Includes a map of the system
  • Secret subway station Easter egg (if a player completes a sequence of events, the Easter egg will unlock and include exclusive rewards)



Season 6 introduces licensed, real-world songs to the war tracks system. Season 6 Battle Pass will contain licensed tracks, available on free tiers.

  • Acquire tracks from Battle Pass - Songs can be previewed in the Battle Pass tab. 
  • Equip Tracks in the Weapons Menu - Like vehicle horns and skins, players will be able to equip War Tracks within the vehicle customization option in the Weapons tab. You can select one track for each vehicle. Vehicles in Warzone and Ground War can be selected. 
  • The track is heard when you get in the driver's seat - The driver's track will play for them and the passengers of the vehicle. You must be in the vehicle, occupying a seat to hear the music. The song stops playing once the player exits. Players outside the vehicle cannot hear the music. The track stays with the vehicle until the vehicle is destroyed.

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