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Call of Duty: WWII Basic Training Skills

How to use Basic Training skills in Call of Duty: WWII


Like Perks from previous Call of Duty games, Basic Training skills are perks you can select to give your soldier enhanced abilities or advantages to assist you on the battlefield. Unlike Perks, each class can only equip one Basic Training skill at a time. However, some Basic Training skills offer more than one attribute to augment your soldier.

Basic Training skills tend to offer more benefit depending on your Division, loadout, or playstyle. For example, you might choose the Lookout skill if you're a sniper. If you like blowing stuff up—particularly enemy Recon Aircraft—Launched might be the Basic Training skill for you.

When you begin the game at Rank 1, Espionage, Launched, and Requisitions are unlocked and available to use. The remaining Basic Training skills must be unlocked with an Unlock Token.

Check out all the Basic Training skills and when you can unlock each one.



unlocked at Rank 1

Causes enemies you damage to appear on the mini-map for a short period.
Bonus: Espionage also reveals enemy Scorestreaks on the mini-map.


unlocked at Rank 1

An equipped Launcher receives extra ammunition, and enemies defeated without explosives resupply your Launcher.


unlocked at Rank 1

Scorestreaks cost significantly more to use in exchange for retaining your Scorestreak progress after you die. Also, your Scorestreaks can only be earned once each per match.


unlocked at Rank 1

Shortens fuse of explosives and allows you to carry two pieces of Lethal equipment.


unlocked at Rank 1

Slain enemies drop Intel Packs that reveal nearby hostiles.
Bonus: Intel pings at the start of each life.


unlocked at Rank 1

Scorestreaks are earned by Kills instead of by Score.
Bonus: Scorestreaks are improved, and you can select a fourth Scorestreak.


unlockable at Rank 3 (Private II)

Warns you when an off-screen enemy is targeting you. Reveals enemy explosive equipment.
Bonus: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment


unlockable at Rank 12 (Corporal II)

Take two Primary weapons (a second Primary in your Secondary slot) into battle while decreasing the time it takes to swap between weapons.


unlockable at Rank 16 (Sergeant)

Allows you to reload your weapon faster and while sprinting.
Bonus: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment


unlockable at Rank 20 (Technician Third Grade)

Identify enemies from greater distances while slightly expanding the range on the mini-map.


unlockable at Rank 24 (Staff Sergeant II)

Gives you the ability to fire your weapons while sprinting or diving.


unlockable at Ranks 28 (First Sergeant)

Makes your Scorestreaks cost less while giving you the ability to reroll the contents of your Care Packages.


unlockable at Rank 36 (Sergeant Major II)

Eliminates the display of skulls after killing an enemy, allowing your kills to go undetected unless an enemy Recon Aircraft is deployed. Also, enemy reticles don’t change when a weapon is pointed at you.


unlockable at Rank 39 (Command Sergeant Major II)

Lets you carry a Melee weapon in your Primary weapon slot, allowing you to attack enemies faster and achieve one-hit kills.


unlockable at Rank 43 (1st Lieutenant I)

Take akimbo pistols as a Secondary and carry extra pistol ammunition.


unlockable at Rank 47 (Major I)

Downed enemy players drop small supply bags used to refill your ammo. You will also be able to switch or pick up weapons faster.


unlockable at Rank 54 (General)

Hidden from enemy Recon Aircraft while moving quickly. Bonus: Delayed detonation of enemy mines.


There are also six Basic Training skills you can unlock after prestiging a Division.



unlockable at Infantry Prestige 1

Stabilizes your gun and lets you move faster while aiming down sights.


unlockable at Airborne Prestige 1

Gives your soldier greater sprinting cooldown and immunity from fall damage.


unlockable at Armored Prestige 1

Take less damage from enemy explosives. Also, while your grenade indicator distance decreases and tossing back a live MK2 Fragmentation grenade resets the fuse.


unlockable at Mountain Prestige 1

Suppresses the sound of your footsteps even when running while allowing you to move quicker when crouched.


unlockable at Expeditionary Prestige 1

Provides greater holding capacity for Lethal equipment and lets you carry a bonus Concussion grenade.


unlockable at Resistance Prestige 1

Pistol comes with additional attachment and unlimited ammunition.
Bonus: Magazine is always full when switching to pistol.