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King's Quest: A Knight to Remember Story Issues FAQ

Story-based issues can be solved here

Welcome to the world of King’s Quest! King’s Quest is an adventure game where the storyline and gameplay are driven by solving puzzles and talking to the many fantastic creatures you’ll meet in the world of Daventry. Please note that this FAQ is not a walkthrough, nor does it contain the full solutions to many of the puzzles you’ll encounter. It does, however, cover many of the common gameplay issues that may come up as you work your way through the story. As such, it may contain spoilers!

If you are having technical issues with the game, check out our Technical Issues FAQ.

King’s Quest is built on puzzles and as such requires a lot of thinking and trial and error to solve. Here a few general tips that will help you:

  • Pay attention to the dialogue and the narration. There are often clues to be found.
  • Explore every area thoroughly. A lot of traveling is needed to find and see everything.
  • Don’t be afraid to try anything in terms of using items on people and things in the world.
  • Show and interact with everything in your inventory.

No. Items can be used to interact with game elements or characters. They cannot be combined with each other.

This can happen if you wait too long in the tunnel. Reload your last save and be sure not to wait too long behind Achaka during that sequence.

Make sure you have either the sound or the subtitles on; otherwise you’ll miss some crucial information.

It is correct. Chester and Muriel only end up with dirty teeth if they run out of teeth whitening potion. This won’t occur if you give them one before it's too late.

No. No matter what is attempted, Achaka’s destiny is sealed.

There is an impact to the game – it may be within dialogue, some subtle actions, the end-of-game cinematic, or the end-of-game magic mirror – but it will not keep you from completing the game.

No. Some are just decorative or funny; others are reminders of past adventures. Certain items may have a use or not depending upon the choices you make within the game.

No. If you have completed the “Eye Challenge” before talking to the alchemists, you will not be able to dip items in the cauldron. This will not keep you from completing the game.

No. Again, Waddles is very bright and knows what’s really happening. The other trolls should call you either “Bridge Bandicoot,” “Bridge Bee,” or “Bridge Goose.”

No. At this point in the game Graham’s name has begun to spread among the people of the town.

This is an error in the voice-over dialogue that refers to an event that hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t affect the game otherwise and will not prevent you from completing the game.

There is a rare visual bug that causes Olfie to “forget” to sit down even after all of his puzzles are solved. Try to cross the chasm and if you have solved all of the puzzles properly, Graham will be able to walk across on the air. If you can’t cross, you haven’t yet solved the puzzles.

No. Some cutscenes cannot be skipped. If there’s no button prompt on the screen, the cutscene cannot be skipped.

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