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Transformers Devastation Gameplay FAQ

This FAQ deals with commonly asked questions concerning Transformers Devastation gameplay elements.

The following FAQ addresses frequently asked questions regarding Transformers Devastation gameplay elements. While there are no strategy hints or tips in the following article, it is possible that certain story or gameplay elements may be spoiled by these questions


Insecticons are a bit shorter than other Decepticons. As a result, the auto-aiming targeting will often aim slightly above them. Lowering your sights just a bit when targeting an Insecticon will alleviate this issue.

No. If an enemy is designed to wait at a specific place, the grappling hook won’t work on them. You’ll need to use another item or weapon to take them down.

Merely being elemental is not enough for a weapon to inflict elemental status effects. In order to do so, a weapon must also have an element bonus such as “Burn Lvl.1.” These bonuses will sometimes be found on a weapon by default and they can also be added through weapon synthesis.

In addition, every enemy also has a measure of elemental resistance. In order to inflict an elemental status effect your weapon must deliver enough elemental damage to this enemy to overcome its elemental resistance. Should that happen, the weapon will check whether or not it places the status effect on the enemy. Sometimes that chance roll comes up negative and the status will not be inflicted.

Repair Kits

No. Once your character’s health has been reduced to zero, your character will move into a death animation. Once the death animation sequence starts, repair kits will no longer function (though they can still be consumed) and they cannot save the character.

No. Auto-repair kits will automatically be used when defeated. You can, however, restart the fight before the auto-repair kicks in by quickly selecting “Restart Checkpoint” from the pause menu before it is used.

No. There is a hard limit to how many of these items you can carry at any one time. At any given moment, you may only carry five small repair kits and energon packs and one big repair kit and energon pack.

Weapon Synthesis

Weapon synthesis is the process by which the Autobots take two weapons and merge them together to make one of them more powerful. To do this, one weapon is designated as the “base” weapon. This weapon goes through the synthesis process to possibly gain the experience and special abilities of the second weapon. The second weapon will be destroyed in the process.

A few notes about the synthesis process that may not be immediately obvious:

  • A weapon’s rank is set at weapon creation and cannot be changed through synthesis. This rank will determine the maximum damage for the weapon. If your base weapon’s damage does not increase after synthesis, that means it is at the highest possible damage for its rank.
  • If the base weapon and the second weapon have the same ability at the same level, there is a chance that the ability’s level may increase after synthesis.
  • Weapon synthesis is not free. The cost in credits is determined by the base weapon’s rank and is automatically deducted from your wallet at each synthesis attempt.

No. If this happens it means that the base weapon didn’t have a free ability slot to accept the ability. You need to make sure that your base weapon has a free ability slot before synthesis or the second weapon’s ability will be lost. A weapon’s ability slots can be seen on the right side of the weapon detail screen.


A character’s maximum stats are dependent on the game difficulty levels you’ve unlocked. Unlocking the game’s Magnus difficulty will increase your character’s maximum stats. Unlocking Prime difficulty will raise them again.

No. All experience gained will be applied to a character retroactively when the new difficulty is unlocked.

A character’s maximum stats are increased when the Magnus or Prime difficulty levels are unlocked. Prior to that, the game stores all experience points earned in a bank that is applied retroactively when the difficulty is unlocked. If your stats suddenly increase, it means you’ve unlocked a higher difficulty level and received those banked experience points.

Sideswipe is unlocked after completing chapter one of the game. Grimlock is unlocked after completing chapter two.

Some characters are limited in regard to what weapons they can equip. If you look at the weapons in your inventory, you’ll notice that they will display the faces of those Autobots that can wield them.

An Autobot’s RNK stat affects how many TECH chips they can equip. Each Autobot is affected differently by the RNK stat, however, and Grimlock is affected the least by RNK of any Autobot. He’ll need to raise his RNK stat to 99 before he can equip more than one chip.


No. At higher difficulty levels, a perfect run is no longer enough to get the best score. You’ll need to look for items that boost your alt mode max speed to get the edge that will give you an SS rating.

Your chapter rating is based on the average of all your ratings in every mission plus bonuses. To get better rankings, be sure to do the following:

  • Get an excellent rating in each individual mission in a chapter
  • Do all of the optional missions
  • Grab mission bonuses such as collecting all the treasures
  • Explore the entire map
  • Don’t die

Complete all the chapters at Commander difficulty to unlock Magnus difficulty. Then complete all chapters at Magnus difficulty to unlock Prime.

Each challenge mission has different unlock requirements. Highlight a locked mission from the list of challenge missions to see the steps required to unlock it.

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