Known Issues in Call of Duty: Warzone

Issues being tracked in Call of Duty: Warzone

This page contains a running list of issues that have been identified or reported in Call of Duty®: Warzone™ and are either under investigation or scheduled to be fixed. Be sure to check back often as we'll continually update this page.

If you don't see an issue that you're experiencing below, you can report it using the Call of Duty: Warzone Bug Report form.




I got a message saying my stats are corrupted.

– All platforms

An update has been deployed to address a data mismatch issue that caused an error message and some customization resets. Players should no longer encounter the error message, and the root cause has been addressed to prevent further customization resets.

Please note: If you’ve been playing Modern Warfare III, your rank was updated to match your Modern Warfare III rank. Otherwise, you’ll start with a fresh combat record at lvl 1.

I can't use my Oni Operator skin.

– Xbox, PC

An issue preventing some players from equipping the Oni Operator Skins on Xbox and PC is under investigation.

I can't use the Challenge Ride vehicle skin.

– All platforms

An issue with the Challenge Ride vehicle skin being unavailable in Modern Warfare III is under investigation.

I can't equip the Gaia Operator Skin.

– All platforms

The Gaia and Gaia BlackCell Operator Skins for Nova have been temporarily disabled while visibility issues are addressed. Players can expect these items to be re-enabled in a future game update with changes to ease target identification.

I'm missing viewership rewards I earned.

– All platforms

We're aware of delays in the delivery of Viewership Rewards earned for watching content on Twitch and YouTube.

I’m experiencing performance loss on PC.

– PC

If you’re experiencing performance issues on PC, please reach out to us. We ask that you have a DxDiag file ready to share.

1. Search “dxdiag” on your PC.
2. Open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
3. Select Save All Information.

I'm getting a message saying "One or more DLC packs are out of date."

– PlayStation 4

Some PlayStation 4 players are receiving persistent DLC pop-up messages in game. This issue is being investigated with Sony PlayStation.

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