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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

When four aspiring actors get invited to a mysterious movie theater to audition for horror legend Willard Wyler, they unknowingly get transformed into movie characters and transported straight into Wyler’s twisted film. There, they must fight wave after wave of Zombies in a space-themed amusement park set in the ‘80s.

The following answers frequently asked questions about Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

General Questions

No. There is no way to disable graphic content in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Yes. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare supports two-player split-screen online play in either Multiplayer or Zombies game modes.

Depending on the system you are playing on, different areas are available to play offline. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Multiplayer, Campaign, and Zombies can be accessed offline. For PC users, only Campaign is available offline.

No. Online progression does not carry over in Local mode and vice versa. Progression can only be continued in the mode in which it was started.

Zombies-specific Questions

The Zombie Co-op mode supports up to four players, either Public or Private online games or over a LAN connection. Online and Local Play split-screen is also supported, although only two split-screen players are allowed per console when playing in either Online or Local Play.

Enter the Fate and Fortune Cards section within the Zombies menu, where you can edit and customize your Deck pack to include different types of Cards.

You must fill the meter by earning points either spending cash or killing Zombies before you can use a Card. Each Card will allow you to do different things when you activate that particular Card.

You only have five different Fate Cards available at Level 1, with more Fate Cards unlocking as you level up. Fortune Cards are similar to Fate cards, but are only unlocked through Zombie Crates. Fortune Cards can only be used once per Card unlock. Once you have gone through your entire Fate and Fortune Card Deck, you can refill your Deck by visiting a Fortune Teller and paying the required price.

Souvenir Machines, found in each section of the Spaceland map, create crafted equipment items that can be used against Zombies. To create a crafted weapon, you must collect three souvenir coins randomly dropped by killing Zombies and place the coins in a Souvenir Machine. Three different colored souvenir coins (red, blue, and green) create different equipment when placed in unique orders in Souvenir Machines.

Deposit cash into the ATM for other players to withdraw. Deposits and withdrawals are handled in $1,000 increments and can be shared between all team members.

Fortune Teller Machines, found in each section of the the Spaceland map, are used to replenish a player's Fate and Fortune cards by paying the fee.

After players die, they are placed in a concession stand where they remain until they gather enough Soul Power to buy their way back into the game. Players earn Soul Power by playing the arcade games located in the theater lobby.

After you die and get revived, you can retrieve your original weapons from the Lost and Found at the park’s main entrance for a fee. Your weapons will only be available for a limited time, so you will have to retrieve them quickly.

When Zombies are killed, they will occasionally drop backpacks on the ground that contain random items like ammo clips, cash, lethal equipment, tickets, and other items that you can pick up and use.

Tickets can be earned by playing games within the park like Cryptid Attack, or by killing Zombies with traps or picking up dropped backpacks. Tickets can be exchanged at one of the Ticket Prize Booths located around Spaceland. Tickets can be exchanged for ammo, lethal and tactical equipment, weapons, and other special items.

Common or Rare Zombie Crates give you two random items and a pack of three Fate and Fortune Cards. The rarity of the items and Cards are random, but you have a higher chance of getting a Rare item from the Rare Zombie Crate. Zombie Crates can be purchased from the Store located in the Zombies menu using either Keys or COD Points.

Supply Drops located in the Multiplayer menu will also give the player three random items. Zombie Crates located in the Zombie menu store also give you two random items, but will also come with a pack of three Fate and Fortune Cards. Both Supply Crates and Zombie Crates can purchase using either Keys or COD Points.

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