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Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer

What you need to know about Multiplayer for Call of Duty: WWII


In Multiplayer for Call of Duty: WWII, you'll get to experiment with Divisions and Basic Training skills that offer an array of specialized abilities and traits to mix and match with an arsenal of customizable weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, and an assortment of Scorestreaks to help you and your team on the battlefield.


WWII Multiplayer


When you start your career in Multiplayer, you're taken to the Theater in Headquarters and presented with five Division filmstrips to watch. Choose a Division to begin customizing your Soldier and preparing your loadouts. Learn more about each Division.

After choosing a Division, you can start building your Soldier's profile in tabs.

  • Divisions – Open the first available Division slot to choose weapons, equipment, and Basic Training skills to create a loadout. Note that your Division's Skill occupies your Primary weapon's third attachment slot.
  • Scorestreaks – Equip Scorestreaks to give you powerful edge in your battles. Check out more about Scorestreaks below.
  • Dossier – Access tools to personalize your Soldier's face and helmet, Calling Cards, Emblems, and more.

Find out more about Basic Training skills.

Now that your Soldier is ready for action, it's time to test your combat skills. Open the menu and go to the Find Match tab, then choose a Playlist. The most common Playlist is Public Match, where you can play the following game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch – Team Deathmatch is no-nonsense shoot 'em up where the first team to score 75 points wins the match.
  • War – This new objective-heavy game mode immerses players in some of World War II's most iconic battles. Learn more about War Mode.
  • Domination – Domination begins with three set zones on the map that you and your team must capture and defend. Holding these zones earns your team points, and the team with the most points at the end of the match is the winner.
  • Kill Confirmed – A spin on Team Deathmatch, enemies killed in Kill Confirmed drop dog tags you can collect for additional points for your team. You can also pick up your teammates' dog tags to prevent the opposition from scoring points.
  • Hardpoint – Like Domination, you and your team must capture and defend one tactical zone on the map. The Hardpoint zone changes every 60 seconds and can rotate between enclosed rooms and open areas. Every second your team spends controlling a zone scores a point, and the first team to earn 250 points wins the match.
  • Search and Destroy – In this game mode, teams alternate between attacking a bomb site and preventing an attack. There are no respawns in Search and Destroy, so teamwork, communication, and map awareness are essential to winning in this mode.
  • Capture the Flag – A classic first-person shooter game mode, Capture the Flag features two basic goals: steal your opponents' flag and prevent them from taking yours.
  • Free-for-All – In Free-for-All, there are no teams and no one has your six. It's a chaotic battle of everyone versus everyone, and the player with the most kills at the end is declared the victor.
  • Gridiron – At the beginning of a Gridiron match, a ball drops in the center of the map. Grab the ball and either throw it or run it into your opponents' goal to score points.

While each game mode varies and requires different tactics, Multiplayer at its core is kill or be killed. You must pay attention to what you carry into battle, but it's also imperative to know what to do once you get there.

Learning how to use your weapon is critical. Depending on your weapon of choice and the distance between you and your enemy, you will often need to make split-second decisions on how to engage your foe. Hip firing is best served in close-quarters combat or when using shotguns or automatic weapons. From medium and long ranges, aiming down sights improves your accuracy and your chances of survival, particularly with rifles.

You can improve your aim and make yourself harder to hit by crouching or going prone. Both maneuvers stabilize your weapon, and while you become a smaller target, you sacrifice movement.

There are six basic weapon categories in the Call of Duty: WWII and each one offers an advantage depending on the combat situation.

Weapons in each category vary by damage, accuracy, and reload speed, among others, so it might take some experimentation before you find the weapon you like the best.

  • Rifles – Among the most versatile weapon type of the bunch, rifles deliver high damage from medium and long ranges, allowing you to kill enemies while remaining at somewhat safe cover distances.
  • Submachine Guns – Best suited for up-close-and-personal engagements, submachine guns (SMGs) typically fire more rounds at a higher rate while inflicting less damage at a reduced range.
  • Light Machine Guns – Best used from medium to long ranges, light machine guns (LMGs) offer high-capacity ammo clips in exchange from slower reload speeds.
  • Sniper Rifles – The weapon of choice for long-range soldiers, sniper rifles include scopes, adding range to regular rifles. Sniper rifles also come with higher-caliber rounds compared to standard rifles, but with fewer rounds in the clip.
  • Shotguns – Effective at short ranges only, shotguns offer high damage with long reload speeds, and therefore require skill and quick reaction times.
  • Handguns – Like shotguns, handguns are mainly effective at short ranges. When armed with a handgun, you should always aim down sights and aim for the head.

You can also choose from a variety of Tactical and Lethal items to carry into Multiplayer matches.


  • British Nº 69 – a concussion grenade that disorients and slows down your target for 2-4 seconds (10-meter effect radius)
  • Smoke Grenade – creates a smoke screen when detonated (lasts 12 seconds, 8-meter effect radius)
  • MK. V Gas Grenade – unleashes a poisonous smoke screen that blurs vision and impairs movement (lasts 5 seconds, 4-meter effect radius)
  • Signal Flare –  produces intense light that blinds and disorients enemies in its field of view (lasts for 5 seconds, 6-meter effect radius)


  • MK 2 Fragmentation – standard frag grenade that destroys targets with a burst of flying shrapnel (6-meter blast radius, can be cooked)
  • Nº 74 ST – a lethal bomb that sticks to its target before detonating (5-meter blast radius, 2-second fuse)
  • S-Mine 44 – a pressure-activated mine that jumps into the air before detonating (4-meter blast radius)
  • Throwing Knife – a lethal, throwable blade that can be picked up and reused (40-meter throwing range)
  • Satchel Charge – a lethal remote-detonated explosive that must be stuck to a surface before it can be detonated (6-meter blast radius)

Guns and equipment are awesome, but sometimes you want a little extra firepower. As you take out enemies and complete objectives, you rack up points to use toward Scorestreaks. Dying resets your Scorestreak points, but any Scorestreak you earn remains available if you die.

Choose three Scorestreaks to call in during matches.

  • Molotov Cocktails (300 points)
    Bottles of flammable liquid that burst into flames upon impact. Can be used to kill enemies, clear areas, or cut off routes.
  • Recon Aircraft (500 points)
    High-altitude radar that reveals enemy locations for a short time. Can be shot down with a launcher or Flak Gun, or offset with Counter Recon Aircraft.
  • Counter Recon Aircraft (525 points)
    Offsets the effects of Recon Aircraft.
  • Care Package (575 points)
    Use the smoke grenade to call in a supply drop containing a random Scorestreak. Watch out for enemies, as they can steal your Care Package.
  • Fighter Pilot (625 points)
    A fighter plane you can control for a short time to kill enemies.
  • Glide Bomb (650 points)
    A large bomb dropped from the sky. Unveils enemy locations so you can steer the bomb into highly populated locations.
  • Flamethrower (700 points)
    Temporarily equips you with powerful, short-ranged flamethrower that cuts through enemies.
  • Mortar Strike (750 points)
    Select three locations on the map to pummel with mortar shells.
  • Artillery Barrage (850 points)
    Pick a spot on the battlefield to unleash a shower of artillery fire.
  • Flak Guns (950 points)
    Deploy Flak Guns to shoot down enemy air-based Scorestreaks.
  • Emergency Airdrop (1000 points)
    The Care Package Scorestreak times three. Triples your chances of getting a powerful Scorestreak, but triples the risk of having a Care Package stolen.
  • Fire Bombing Run (1050 points)
    Drops a long streak of fire onto a selected area.
  • Paratroopers (1250 points)
    Deploys a small squad of AI-controlled soldiers to fight alongside you and overwhelm your opponents.
  • Carpet Bombing (1400 points)
    Choose a direction and general location to unleash three bombing runs.
  • Ball Turret Gunner (1700 points)
    Take control of high-caliber gun and take out the enemy from inside a plane's ball turret.


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