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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Season 3 Reloaded

Everything you need to know about Season 3 Reloaded in Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III


Checkpoint (6v6, Core, Mid-Season)

Get a taste of Rebirth Island in Multiplayer later in Season 3, as the eastern point of interest known as Stronghold becomes the setting for some furious and fast-paced combat. Developed by Beenox, this small military comms outpost features a central checkpoint, an interior armory, storage locker room, and garage. The front gate and rear roundabout are dotted with building supplies, tarp-covered crates, and transport vehicles. The map is pleasingly dense, with almost all the action at ground level. The upper walkways and the control tower are sealed off, so combat is rapid, with plenty of cover options. Fall back toward the roundabout and the small hangar and shoreline buildings, or battle for control over the checkpoint road and its interior spaces.


Grime (6v6, Core, Mid-Season)

Among the graffitied walls, navigate the piles of rubbish and brave the derelict London canal, well away from Big Ben and the bright lights in England’s capital city. As the tube trains rattle overhead, visit the murky brown waters of the docks, duck into a boathouse, and look for tactical cover throughout an abandoned SKN Comms center — with a choke point in the lobby where combat is usually the fiercest. Near the water’s edge, you’ll find Emily’s greasy spoon café. The urban layout provides a variety of cover opportunities, though you could always head to the Captain’s Dog for a pint and a punch.


6 Star (6v6, Core, Launch)

An incredible feat of engineering, the Hadiqa 6 Star resort sits atop a Dubai skyscraper and caters to the most discerning of guests. You’ll have little time to marvel at the breathtaking views now that this lavish retreat is under attack. The primary flow lanes through these locations offer opportunities no matter your playstyle, and while the curved connecting corridors allow excellent access across and around the map, there are several useful shortcuts, like a vent connecting the aquarium and Oasis Lounge, a pump room that drops down into the lounge, and a precarious catwalk joining the garden helipad to a security office.


Emergency (6v6, Core, Launch)

Force your foes to visit the ICU after dominating this Arizonan medical facility, nestled on the summit of a remote mountain range. A nearby town lies in the wooded valley below. The entire area is the scene of a major conflagration, with black smoke billowing from the valley below, while the State Disease Control Agency facility has seen evidence of fierce fighting. The flow of the map is via an exterior forecourt, the interior reception lobby, and a medical laboratory, offering longer sightline opportunities from both the ground and atop parked vehicles. Otherwise, expect rapid and riotous combat.


Growhouse (6v6, Core, Launch)

First released as Sphere during Season 3 of Call of Duty®: Vanguard, the layout of this deceptively compact map is similar, but the environment has changed significantly. This is less of an experimental test site and more of a backwoods narcotics den nestled in remote foothills. The roof of the main barn seems to have been struck by missile fire, and the rafters are still smoldering. Smaller than Meat, this map features upper and lower levels offering greater space to move than you’d initially expect, especially if you know the ladders and points of entry. Expect mid- to longer-ranged battles aboveground, and close-quarter combat inside the rickety structure. Use the ancillary structures on the east and west sides as ambush points.


Tanked (6v6, Core, Launch)

Drop into Vondel Zoo after-hours in this fast-paced, medium-sized map developed by Beenox. The map is centered around a main Aquarium structure within the Call of Duty: Warzone point of interest, significantly reworked for Multiplayer. Expect well-lit exterior pathways with two long flanks allowing for longer-range sightlines as you navigate a tiki bar, petting zoo, concession stalls and Smiling Noodles restaurant, as well as the secondary interior of the reptile house, all surrounding the Aquarium. The action is mainly at ground level, with the most ferocious combat occurring around and in the fish-filled exhibition, with winning players making the most of the Aquarium tunnel, along with an exterior cave ambush point to the north.


Minefield (Mid-Season)

In the same way that Season 2’s Hordepoint was “Hardpoint but with Zombies,” think of Minefield as “Multiplayer but with mines.” Currently applicable to almost any current game mode, Sledgehammer Games will be switching on this game variant in a variety of modes, like Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint. Minefield uses the same rules as the mode in question, but with one important addition: When you defeat a rival player, a Proximity Mine is dropped at the enemy’s corpse. This mine cannot be picked up and remains deadly to the enemy team (but not to any friendly teammates). As the action heats up, the scattered mines across the map ramp up the action to a cacophony of chaos! Watch your step out there, Operator!


Escort (Mid-Season)

Those Call of DutyWarzone veterans who remember playing the entertaining, limited-time mode known as Payload know what to expect here as two teams — both with unlimited respawns — face off on a variety of maps, with one side protecting a MAW as it maneuvers across the map. Meanwhile, the opposing force has enemy takedowns and the grand prize of vehicular destruction on their minds! The attacking team’s overriding goal is to ensure the vehicle reaches its destination. The defending team’s plan of attack is to disable the vehicle by any means necessary. Once the first game of the match is completed, the teams swap objectives, and the side with the quickest vehicle takedown wins.


Capture the Flag (Launch)

An often-requested objective game mode, beginning in the first Call of Duty Multiplayer experience, Capture the Flag (CTF) pits two competitive teams against each other, with eliminations being only part of the plan: The real tactics involve stealing the opponent’s flag and returning it to their home base, while simultaneously defending that same base and their flag from the enemy. As a flag won’t be scored as “captured” until a team’s flag is safe in its base, squads must bring both impressive offensive and defensive capabilities to win the match.


One in the Chamber (Launch Window)

This fun-filled Party Mode — first introduced in the original Call of Duty®: Black Ops — rewards those with impressive aiming and ammunition discipline. Each player in this free-for-all gets a single bullet to start with and one additional bullet every time you achieve a kill. You also start with three lives, and the bullet you’re firing is extremely potent, dropping foes no matter where you hit them. Enemies who succumb to this one-hit kill lose a life, while the successful marksman gains another bullet. Out of bullets? Fancy your chances at close-range combat? Then melee attacks are also an option; bring a knife to a gunfight if you (or your foes) run out of ammo.

Note: Kills, Deaths, and Wins/Losses do not affect your Combat Record in this Game Mode.



Boost your powers exponentially with the mid-season Arcade playlist, supporting a variety of maps and modes featuring powerups and special weapon pickups.

Powerups: Eliminated enemies will drop a powerup where they fall, granting one of two temporary abilities on pickup: unlimited ammo or unlimited grenades. Let loose on your foes without mundane concerns like ammo supply and grenade count.

Weapon Pickups: Bring the pain with special weapon pickups scattered throughout the environment, immediately noticeable by their glowing effects and floating animation.

These empowered weapons include the Punch Knife with a dramatically increased lunge distance, the MORS Sniper Rifle and Riveter Shotgun loaded with explosive projectile rounds, and a Minigun that provides a constant Battle Rage effect for improved health regeneration, resistance to Tactical Equipment, and a constant refresh on your Tactical Sprint.


Vortex (In-Season)

The preternatural map variants – Airborne, Satan’s Quarry, Skidgrow, Sporeyard, and Tetanus – return in a special limited-time Playlist coming later in Season 3. The familiar Vortex Mosh Pit will be available, along with a new Arcade Mode, with a number of [[REDACTED]] gameplay modifiers to add yet more variety to your game.

Expect the “Vortex Vir.Rus Mainframe” Event to launch alongside this limited-time Playlist.


Vladimir Makarov (KorTac, Launch)

  • Dominus Skin: Instant Reward Sector
  • Fenrir Skin: Completion Sector: Tier 100

Recently a liberated man, Makarov’s plans to resume his operations against Urzikstan and its allies are now fully underway, and the ultranationalist has recently been observed on the remote Rebirth Island, which appears to be almost fully under the control of the Konni Group. He brings with him two supremely adept KorTac fighters, Banshee and Hush.


Snoop Dogg (SpecGru, Launch)

  • Snoop Dogg II Skin: Instant Reward Sector



Banshee (Orla Murphy (KorTac, Launch)

  • Operator and Skin: Sector 13

A natural scrapper, Orla Murphy always finds a way to get what she wants.

Orla Murphy grew up as one of six children in a working-class home in Dublin. Her delinquency started with minor vandalism and petty theft and eventually expanded to joyriding and robbery. Eventually caught behind the wheel of a stolen car, she was sent to a children’s detention facility. The intention was to straighten her out, and for a time it worked. Once she turned 18, Orla joined the Defence Forces. She excelled with the routine of military life and thrived in a team dynamic, but the salary failed to impress her. Orla started doing off-the-books jobs while deployed, including smuggling contraband. She also attracted the attention of KorTac, who approved of Orla’s tendency to bend the rules and dirty her hands. Following her discharge, KorTac was quick to offer her a mercenary contract to simply be herself.


Hush/Bashiir Shirwa (KorTac, Launch)

  • Operator and Skin: Completion Sector: Tier 100

Once a simple farmhand thrust into the chaos of Mogadishu, Bashiir Shirwa was forged in the city’s fire and became its most capable agent.

Bashiir spent much of his early life working the fields with his father and brothers. But with famine quickly spreading, most of his siblings would begin fishing in the port of Baraawe. Bashiir set out for the city of Mogadishu and began earning a wage as a security guard. He learned the rules of survival the hard way after a near fatal slashing that left him with terrible scars that still itch. Nevertheless, he adapted to the chaos of the city, learning both the street smarts necessary for survival and the skills to defend himself with ease. Within a year, his name was known throughout Mogadishu as a reliable and effective fixer. Attracting the attention of a KorTac recruiter, Bashiir enlisted and began his journey as an international mercenary. Now he stands among KorTac’s finest, a soldier for the highest bidder among KorTac’s clientele.


Stasis (KorTac, Launch, BlackCell Instant Reward)



BAL-27 (Assault Rifle — Mid-Season, [[REDACTED]])

A bullpup prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed. The first 4 shots are slower to fire but highly accurate.

Top-loading with a reasonably rapid ammo swap, this fast-firing future-proof Assault Rifle shreds at closer ranges, has a moderate kick that drifts upward, offers great default reticles, and comes with a 60-round magazine once you’ve leveled it up, doubling the available ammo between reloads.


FJX Horus (Submachine Gun — Launch, Battle Pass Sector 8)

An ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC damage and mobility.

Versatility is the name of the game with this machine pistol SMG, a favorite of those who like to pack a punch on the run. This weapon has an incredible fire rate and class-leading mobility, and handling help mitigates the recoil control.


MORS (Sniper Rifle — Launch, Battle Pass Sector 4)*

This single-load railgun delivers a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration.

An advanced form of sniper warfare, the Military Operated Rail Sniper (MORS) is a one-shot beast, offering high damage with exceptional handling. Distance is an afterthought with this long-range and accurate Sniper Rifle with what might be the perfect combination of accuracy and damage. The weapon has single-round devastation with a reasonably rapid reload rate.

(*The MORS Sniper Rifle, its weapon blueprints, and certain other content will not be available on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile at the start of the Season. We will update the community at a later date, when this weapon becomes available in that game.)


Gladiator (Melee — Launch, Battle Pass Sector 15)

A compact, concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians.

Close combat was never so quick and painful, with the Gladiator rivaling the Karambit for supreme mobility, handling, and damage potential. Cut straight to the bone with haste and ease, but ensure you’re close enough to make your lethal stabs count.


JAK Cutthroat (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: MCW (MWIII), MTZ (MWIII), M4 (MWII) (Assault Rifle), and AMR9 (MWIII) (Submachine Gun) Platforms

This 3D-printed stock provides an unrivaled combination of speed and stability while aiming down sights.


JAK Revenger Kit (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: BP50 (MWIII) (Assault Rifle)

This conversion kit turns the BP50 into a CQC legend. A 9mm caliber conversion with shortened receiver and high-capacity magazine.


JAK Jawbreaker (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: KV Broadside (MWII) (Shotgun)

Converts this Shotgun into a hard-hitting, automatic Battle Rifle.


JAK Shadow Titan Kit (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: Bruen Mk9 (MWIII) (Light Machine Gun)

Converts the Bruen Mk9 into a compact and integrally suppressed light support weapon chambered in 300 blackout.


JAK Patriot (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: M16 (MWII) (Assault Rifle)

Converts the M16 into a fully automatic rifle with a heavy ported barrel built to provide superior recoil control and firing aim stability.


Wardens (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: Lockwood Mk2 (MWII) (Marksman Rifle)

Relive the glory days, stir up the hornet’s nest, and take down your enemies, leaving no loose ends with these museum-worthy akimbo lever-action Shotguns.


JAK Atlas Kit (Weekly Challenge Unlock)

Compatibility: AMR9 (MWIII) (Submachine Gun)

Converts the AMR9 into an extremely lethal and accurate 5-round burst carbine chambered in 556.


Photonic Charge Barrel ([[REDACTED]] Unlock)

Compatibility: MORS (MWIII) (Sniper Rifle)

This hyper-advanced barrel is more than simply a barrel. Holding the trigger charges the rifle and releasing fires a single, high-power energy projectile.



EMD Mine (Mid-Season)

  • Proximity-triggered mine that sticks to surfaces. Once triggered, the mine shoots out tracker devices that reveal the enemy location and direction until removed.


Field Upgrade

Enhanced Vision Goggles (EVG) (Mid-Season)

  • Toggle between normal vision and enhanced vision with integrated target highlighting. Has limited battery.



Compression Carrier Vest (Launch)

Assisted healing and gas protection.

  • Equipment Slots (1): Lethal
  • Gear Slots (3): Gloves, Boots, Gear
  • Immediately regenerate health after a kill or objective capture. Reduced effects from gas grenades.


Modular Assault Rig Vest (Launch)

Lethal and Tactical scavenger.

  • Equipment Slots (5): Tactical (2), Lethal (2), Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots (3): Gloves, Boots, Gear
  • Start with maximum Reserve Ammo. Resupply Lethals and Tacticals from dead players.


Gunslinger Vest (Launch)

Secondary Weapon specialist.

  • Weapon Slots: No Primary Slot, Secondary Weapon Slot (2)
  • Equipment Slots (4): Tactical (2), Lethal, Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots (4): Gloves, Boots, Gear (2)

The following benefits apply to Secondary Weapons only:

  • Refreshes stamina on kill.
  • Improved reload speed.
  • Reload while sprinting.
  • Increases weapon swap speed by a minimum of 40% (swap speed bonus differs between weapons).
  • Spawn with maximum Reserve Ammo.

Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Quick-Grip Gloves or Commando Gloves, gain the effects of Marksman Gloves. If equipped with Mag Holster, gain the effects of Mission Comlink.



Reinforced Boots (Launch)

  • Immune to movement reduction effects.



High-Gain Antenna (Launch)

  • The minimap is zoomed out for you and nearby allies.
  • Enemies remain on radar longer for you and nearby allies if a nearby ally has the CCT Comms Vest Perk.
  • See nearby ally radar pings from Intel Jacker and compass indicators from nearby ally Signal Jammers.


The Dark Aether Story Continues: Saving Dr. Jansen (Mid-Season)

An unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around Dr. Ava Jansen. The doctor has been lured unto a new region of the Dark Aether under this malignant influence.

Strike Teams from Operation Deadbolt have converged to assist Sergei Ravenov as he attempts to locate and rescue Dr. Jansen from the unknown. Your expertise surviving and escaping the Dark Aether is required. The time has come to explore a new part of the Dark Aether, and rescue Dr. Jansen, and readying up for another Dark Aether Gate hunt.


Additional Unlock Quest, a Third Rift, and More (Mid-Season)

This third Dark Aether Rift is just as ornery as past two; expect a series of unlock objectives focusing on finding and attuning several relics, allowing access through the Gate. Accomplish these tasks to step into the ethereal voidscape and face the terrifying horrors lurking within, claiming valuable rewards if you survive. Squad up and help Operation Deadbolt continue to contain the onslaught of the undead.

Naturally, you’re also here to complete activities and contracts, discover arcane secrets, and secure some highly classified schematics!


New Challenges and Schematics (Mid-Season)

Prestige Challenges

Unlock new Prestige Calling Card Challenges at each level of prestige reached, and select up to five challenges to track, including any from across the game.


Camo Challenges

With four new weapons comes over a dozen new unique Camo challenges to grind through - play to access the new challenges for the Gladiator Melee weapon and multiple unique Camos for the BAL-27 (Assault Rifle), FJX Horus (Submachine Gun), and MORS (Sniper Rifle).


New Schematics

In addition, some highly classified Schematics are located in deviously secretive locations, all available depending on your success during the Rift:

Dead Wire Detonators (Schematic): Are you still shocked at the impressive electrical damage the Dead Wire Ammo Mod inflicts? Then you might want to employ the Dead Wire Detonator, and attach it to all your explosive weaponry, including Lethals and Launchers!

Golden Mask Filter (Schematic): A prized schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive, long-lasting effect — gain a self-regenerating gas mask for the rest of the match. This comes in extremely handy for surviving zombie strongholds and any surprises in the rifts.

Sergeant’s Beret (Schematic): Your outcomes no longer need to be terminal when dealing with Zakhaev’s hired guns; simply don the Sergeant’s Beret to disguise yourself among the Mercs, and summon a trusty Merc Bodyguard who shadows you to the end.


Warlord: Rainmaker (Mid-Season)

Additional caution is advised when operating in the southeastern part of the Urzikstan Exclusion Zone, as Warlord Rainmaker has commandeered and heavily upgraded the defenses of his fortress on Rahaa Island, across the water from Shahin Manor. As his code name suggests, this Warlord is an artillery and demolitions expert, and though his island compound is relatively easy to reach, stepping foot on the island with your limbs still attached may be more of a challenge.

Expect mortar rounds and RPG fire to descend on your squad, with assault maneuvers made even more difficult due to the water surrounding Rainmaker’s lair. Fast transport is recommended, and once you disembark, try to ignore the chaos and focus on the fortress. Rainmaker’s forces are expendable, and he almost enjoys sacrificing his own men to take out intruders. With the fortress breached, slow your progress, as the compound is brimming with tripwires and traps. Stepping on a mine at this point would be unfortunate. Then prepare to change your gameplan once you finally corner Rainmaker; he’s capable of some nasty surprises you won’t be expecting.


Call of Duty: Warzone


Rebirth Island returns at the launch of Season 3! The island feels incredibly familiar; veteran players will find all the Points of Interest instantly recognizable. The structures and topography of the island remain intact, and though some of the POIs have become more weathered, the island’s latest occupying force — Konni Group — hasn’t ignored the structures that are important to its machinations, retrofitting and thoroughly modernizing them, both outside and in. While a small power plant known as Building No 06 is the only new structure on the map, expect more than a few surprises as you return to Rebirth Island!

Check out the Call of Duty blog for a deep dive into the Points of Interest on Rebirth Island.


Call of Duty: Warzone Bootcamp (Launch)

Urzikstan (Player Count: 44, up to 20 Players, 24 Bots).

Refine your Call of DutyWarzone tactics in a new training mode set on a randomized slice of Urzikstan. Expanding on the Modern Warfare III “Training Course,” which launched in Season 2, the all-new Call of DutyWarzone Bootcamp is designed to help new players build confidence for their first official drop-in.

Call of Duty: Warzone Bootcamp is a Quad-only training mode (either partied up or fill-squad) providing players a snapshot of the real-deal Call of DutyWarzone experience, featuring up to 20 players via mode-specific matchmaking and 24 bots to test their mettle. Warzone Bootcamp is the only mode for Call of Duty: Warzone featuring bots. If this changes in the future, we’ll ensure the community is informed ahead of time.

Player, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP progression is limited in Call of DutyWarzone Bootcamp. The new training mode will not progress Daily/Weekly Challenges, Calling Card Challenges, Weapon Challenges, or Champion’s Quest. Additionally, the new training mode will not feature public events or advanced contracts.

Drop in, learn the ropes, and get ready to take on the world.

Check out the Call of Duty blog for tips for playing Warzone.


Rebirth Resurgence (Launch)

Rebirth Island (Maximum Player Count: 44).

Rebirth Island is the perfect place for the faster-paced, more aggressive playstyle that Resurgence brings to Battle Royale. As you know if you’ve dropped into Urzikstan, Ashika Island, Vondel, or Fortune’s Keep, your squad is here for the win, but accomplishing this requires more frequent engagements and greater risks. The Gulag is closed, and any time you’re eliminated, you redeploy after a short respawn timer, providing you have teammates who are still battling across the island! Come for the loot, takedowns, and rapid combat, and stay for the frantic final moments and earn that Rebirth Resurgence victory!


Rebirth Resurgence Loaded (Mid-Season)

Rebirth Island (Player Count: 44).

Ditch the ground loot in matches of Resurgence and bring in your preferred Loadout and custom equipment, meaning all players come fully locked and loaded right from the start of the match, enabling you to concentrate on the win without the need for ground cache collecting. If you’re taken out during a match, you redeploy using the same Resurgence rules, but with the possibility of changing to another of your custom Loadouts. If you’re out of ammo or equipment, the higher ratio of legendary and reusable loot boxes means you’re never far from a fully kitted out Operator, though you’re here to bring the firepower, and the victory!


Rebirth Lockdown (Mid-Season)

Rebirth Island (Player Count: 28).

Lockdown comes to Rebirth Island with multiple squads tasked to capture and control zones across the map, scoring points for each zone successfully held, like a large-scale Battle Royale version of Hardpoint. Total player count is adjusted due to the smaller nature of the map, allowing for balanced but chaotic combat: Drop in with your favorite Custom Loadout — or bring a new weapon you want to quickly level up — and learn the new rotations so your team occupies as many zones as possible, accruing more points to ensure victory, rather than being the last squad standing. Respawns are active, and toward the end of a match, so are High-Value Zones that offer the chance for greater point acquisition, as well as the fiercest fighting yet experienced in this mode!


Rebirth Infil Strikes (In-Season)

Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island has numerous landmarks you utilize in almost every game, but what if one of those locations was leveled by an airstrike, just prior to infil? Keep your wits about you and learn new tactical movement across the rubble-filled scenery, should an Infil Strike occur during a match. These explosive infil elements occur rarely and randomly adding new gameplay experiences to that match.

On certain drops, prepare to adjust your drop point and dynamic movement around a particular point of interest, as these Infil Strikes destroy one of the following:

Lighthouse Disintegration: The lighthouse tower at Headquarters topples into the forecourt and the corner of Prison below, creating rubble ramps to the adjacent building and Prison.

Prison Roof Collapse: An aerial bombardment creates a large plume of smoke and a massive fracture across the Prison roof, with numerous small fires and rubble piles inside the now-visible interior.

Water Tower Wreckage: Missiles strike the tower’s central platform, and it crashes down into the plateau close to the helipad. A mass of mangled steel, the tank is ripped open in several places.


Gulag: Climb and Punishment (Launch)

Battle Royale — Urzikstan, Vondel (Gulag, Player Count: 2).

A duel to the death isn’t the only option if you find yourself in a Gulag during a Battle Royale; if this public event is announced at the start of your Gulag confrontation, it’s worth keeping your comms on and negotiating with your opponent. Two ladders will drop from the roof, providing an easy escape route, and it’s up to you both to trust each other and ascend to redeployment. Or you can engage in combat as normal and ignore the ladders or pretend to agree to escaping and then double-cross a well-meaning rival during their climb...


Heavy Armor (Mid-Season)

Rebirth Resurgence Modes

Announced during infil, if this public event is activated, it allows you some added protection, enabling the equipping of an additional Armor Plate for the duration of the match. The extra plate slot is visible above your health bar where plate information is normally seen:

  • This increases your Operator’s Armor Hit Points from 150 to 200.
  • The extra plate slot is applied no matter the plate carrier type you have equipped (standard 3-plate, Communications Vest, Medic Vest, Stealth Vest, or Tempered Plate Carrier).
  • You begin the match with an additional plate equipped.
  • Except for the Tempered Plate Carrier, you have four filled plates at the start of a match. 200 Health, 50 Health per plate.
  • The Tempered Plate Carrier, if equipped, has three plates, with the third one partially filled at the start of a match. A full Tempered Plate Carrier has 200 Health, 66.7 Health per plate.
  • Adjust your tactics accordingly, as this Public Event allows you to last longer between re-plating and lengthens the TTK and ammo expenditure when downing foes.


Spy Drones (Launch)

Rebirth Island

Confirmation that spy drones of unknown origin have been observed within the area of operations has resulted in a new Contract to undertake. You and your squad are to locate the drones, which appear to be gathering data at a specific destination. Head to the rendezvous point, and immediately destroy them. Expect additional rewards for neutralizing the swarm in rapid succession, and ensure you inspect the vicinity for dropped Armor Plates, Redeploy Drones, and possibly an Advanced UAV. Fair warning: Enemy Operators active in the area can steal these rewards if they reach the designated Drone zone before your team does.


Resurgence Champion’s Quest (Launch)

Rebirth Island

The ultimate contract mission is confirmed to be active on Rebirth Island once a certain number of consecutive wins, or a total number of wins, are achieved. Bring a game plan and some competent cohorts with you while you wait for, locate, and then defend three elements necessary to create an impressively explosive finale, and achieve complete domination over your enemies. Expect a variety of rewards, including an Animated Calling Card, Charm, Sticker, Weapon Camo, and Operator Skin for those elite enough to complete the quest.


Field Upgrades


Squad Rage (Launch)

Rebirth Island

Locate an enhanced version of the Battle Rage Field Upgrade by looting or purchasing at a Buy Station, and then huff the mask to your tactical advantage! Once active, Squad Rage vaporizes any gas within the radius of effect surrounding the user and grants Battle Rage to both you and any teammate standing within that radius. Stave off the gas, resist the effects of enemy Tacticals, and utilize the infinite Tactical Sprint, increased Health, and regeneration for the duration of the Rage. Weigh these advantages with keeping your crew close enough for everyone to gain these possibly match-winning benefits.


Utility Box (Mid-Season)

Rebirth Island

Running low on both armor and ammunition? Only got one inventory space to carry a resupply box? Then you may want to invest in a Utility Box! Available as rare ground loot or to purchase from a Buy Station, the Utility Box combines the utility of the Armor and Munitions Boxes into one, refilling the ammo of your weapons, your Tacticals and Lethals, and your Armor Plates to maximum capacity. Any extraneous equipment will be dropped for your teammates to use, and the Utility Box functions as a resupply for your squad as well.




Foresight (In-Season)

Rebirth Island

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and for those wanting a less bombastic Killstreak, Foresight can offer incredible insight regarding the future of your match! Returning from the original Call of DutyWarzone, Foresight was last available at a Containment Monitor Station and in the Black Market. For Season 3, Foresight becomes a Killstreak, a piece of rare loot, purchasable at a Buy Station, or found on the corpse of a fallen foe. Foresight shows you the location of every future gas circle, so you’ll know where the game ends. Plan your tactics accordingly!




Perk Package: Specialist (In-Season)

Rebirth Island

It’s back! The most prized Perk possession in all of Call of DutyWarzone returns! This hexagon of omnipotence may be incredibly difficult to discover — in fact, it’s only very rarely found at a [[REDACTED]] or in specific [[REDACTED]] — but its effectiveness cannot be understated. Once found, this grants you every applicable Perk in the game and continues to function even if you subsequently access your Loadout Drop with your chosen Perks. In addition to the default Perks available to all Operators (Tac Pads, Commando Gloves, Quick-Grip Gloves, Climbing Boots, and Overkill), Specialist grants you the advantages of the following 29 additional Perks, but only for the remainder of the match:

  • Perk Slots 1 and 2 (all Perks active): Battle Hardened, Double Time, E.O.D., Focus, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Strong Arm.
  • Perk Slot 3 (all Perks active): Cold-Blooded, Escapist, Payout, Primed, Quick Fix, Resupply, Stalker, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.
  • Perk Slot 4 (all Perks active): Birdseye, Combat Scout, Flex, Ghost, High Alert, Resolute, Shrouded.


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile


Connected Content

Link your Activision Account ID when playing Call of DutyWarzone Mobile for the first time to ensure that all your current Connected Content is available! This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • All your weapons and attachments from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® IIModern Warfare III, and Call of DutyWarzone.
  • Store Bundles and cosmetic items from these games, including Operators, Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Stickers, Decals, Loading Screens, and more.
  • Your Battle Pass progress.

This content can be used and leveled up (where applicable) in one game and is updated when you continue to play on the other game.


Daily Login Rewards

Even before you begin the first Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile match of the day, you’re rewarded with a free item thanks to the Daily Login. Expect a variety of instantly accessible content available daily, including Skins and Blueprints!


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile enters the greater Call of Duty universe with the New Season, the first ever global season launch that unifies Call of Duty into one connected experience. This includes a leveled up shared Battle Pass and content that can be accessed across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. Learn more about this new feature in the “Connected Content” section of this blog. Here’s what you can expect to access:

  • Three of the four new Base Weapons (Free Tiers in the Battle Pass)*.
  • Eight new Aftermarket Parts (Free in the Arsenal Store throughout the season).
  • BlackCell content (purchase in MWIII, WZ or WZM, and progress in any of those games).
  • Battle Pass content (purchase in MWIII, WZ or WZM, and progress in any of those games).
  • New Operators (Stasis, Makarov, Snoop Dogg, Banshee, Hush).
  • New Store offerings and Bundles.
  • Four Weekly Events, designed for WZM.
  • Season 3 Prestige Levels (10, 11, 12, and 13) as well as past Prestige Levels.

(*The MORS Sniper Rifle, its weapon blueprints, and certain other content will not be available on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile at the start of the Season. We will update the community at a later date, when this weapon becomes available.)


Rust (6v6, Core, Launch)

The crowd-favorite map from Modern Warfare® II is coming to Call of DutyWarzone Mobile for the first time at the start of Season 3. This small-sized map is set in a desert oil yard and features a large central tower overlooking a field of pipes, fuel, shipping containers, and other sand-blasted scenery. The tower’s top platform offers a near total view of the area below and is an impressive power position. The barricades and fuel depots below offer close cover where savage combat shines. Be ready to engage at a moment’s notice and within the maze under the tower.


Battle Royale: Plunder Mode (Launch)

Battle to earn the most cash in this new game mode. Drop into Verdansk and loot cash from the map, complete contracts, and battle opponents to be the first team to earn $2 million in in-game cash. Reaching that cash threshold triggers a three-minute overtime where cash values double. Be the top-earning squad when time expires to win. Respawn is enabled in Plunder, and players always deploy with their selected Loadout. This makes Plunder ideal for leveling up weapons and exploring the map without the looming threat of an enclosing gas circle. The free-form nature also makes for a variety of viable strategies.


New Mode: Buy Back Battle Royale (In-Season)

Infil into Verdansk in this variation on the main Battle Royale, where the rules are generally the same, aside from one important difference: The Gulag is closed, and should an enemy take you out, you have a single respawn to drop back into the action, so make it count! Additionally, for Duos, Trios, and Quads, you can buy back any teammate who hasn’t made their second chance count. Expect this new mode to enter the Playlist rotation during the initial launch window of Season 3.


Every week, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will have an event where a variety of exceptional cosmetics can be unlocked. These are designed for use only in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. With each event comes a new Keep, an optional and entertaining way to obtain more items of varying rarity levels by spending COD Points, including Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints!


Week 1 Event: The Recruit (WZM) Launch, April 3 to 10

Total Event Rewards: Six

Rewards Highlights

  • Basilisk:  Annihilation Weapon Blueprint
  • Hutch: Ghostly Operator skin


Week 2 Event: The Assassin (WZM) Launch Window, April 11 to 17

Total Event Rewards: Five

Rewards Highlights

  • Crossbow – Duskfire: Weapon Blueprint
  • DG-58 LSW – Bandit's Breath: Weapon Blueprint


Week 3 Event: To the Metal (WZM) In-Season, April 18 to 24

Total Event Rewards: Five

Reward Highlights

  • Pickaxe – Scale Issue: Weapon Blueprint
  • LTV – High-viz: Vehicle skin


Week 4 Event: Cover Me (WZM) In-Season, April 25 to May 1

Total Event Rewards: Five

Reward Highlights

  • MTZ Interceptor – Disruption: Weapon Blueprint
  • ATV – Loom and Doom: Vehicle skin


The Keep

Spend Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile COD Points to purchase a turn and earn one of the available rewards. Each reward has a probability value associated with it, which is displayed in the menu. A reward is guaranteed for each turn. Once a reward is earned, it is removed from the overall reward pool. As rewards are removed from the reward pool, the probability of receiving each remaining reward increases, and these updated values are displayed in the menu. After each turn, the COD Point cost to purchase the next turn will increase.

Though some of the rewards available in the Keep may be linked with the ability to be used in Modern Warfare III and Warzone, the Keep Menu is only available in Warzone Mobile.

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