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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Season 4

Everything you need to know about Season 4 in Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III


Tokyo (6v6, Core, Launch)

This medium-sized Multiplayer map takes you through Tokyo's nightlife scene, where you can find shops, entertainment, and places to stay. The two high ground locations – the Hotel and Manga buildings facing each other over the main road – represent the map’s key strategic positions. Use them to hold off the enemies until you can move forward safely.

The Arcade and Center Courtyard along the top of the map are good for close-range Loadouts, as there are the kiosks and seating area that block the views across the lane.


Paris (6v6, Core, Launch)

Face off with the enemy in this medium-sized map featuring a centrally located Police Station and Gallery. Fight your way through these main buildings, as well as the smaller Bookstore and Shop, or stay grounded on the streets.

The cell block, lobby, and wide cubicle in the Police Station create distinctive combat areas, while the smaller Gallery layout will result in close-range combat situations.


Incline (6v6, Core, Mid-Season)

Fight in a snow-covered transport facility and the surrounding mountains on this medium-sized map in Urzikstan. Take advantage of the red container or the low roof on the top path to get above your enemies and jump onto objects to enter the main building.

Make your way to the cable car for a strategic view over the bottom lane. Mid-ranged weapons offer an advantage along the edges of the map while the interior spaces reward short-ranged weapons use.


Das Gross (6v6, Mid-Season)

A variant of the remastered Das Haus map where the skyscraper’s construction zone has been overtaken.

With the arrival of Das Gross, expect another Vortex Mosh Pit, and other as-yet to be unveiled content that will have you in bits. Plus, summon your best buds as the Synthwave Sunset makes another limited-time appearance with the revamped return of G3T_H1GH. Finally, expect Mutation Mode to fully embrace the forthcoming Countdown Event in a variety of surprising ways…


Demolition (Launch)

One of the finest tactical game modes in Call of Duty is finally back! Appearing for the first time since Season 3 of Modern Warfare (2019) this round-based objective mode has similarities to Search & Destroy, with teams alternating between attacking and defending two bomb sites. However, unlike S&D, respawns are enabled and attacking players always spawn with a bomb, and defuses – ninja or otherwise – don’t end the round. This leads to highly tactical engagements – and pandemonium – as teams converge on bomb sites and pressure the opposition.

Win a round of Demolition as the attacking team by destroying both bomb sites before the timer ends. Take out one of the sites, and you add extra time to the game clock, allowing you to concentrate on the second bomb location. Win a round as the defending team by protecting one or both bomb sites until the timer ends. If a bomb is planted, the match timer pauses, and running out the timer is also an option, though defusing the bomb is of paramount importance.


Hyper Cranked (Launch)

This twisted spin on traditional Team Deathmatch gets even more frantic with this “Hyper” variant. For the uninitiated, Cranked pressures you into chaining kills, eliminating enemy opponents as often as you wish, but within a specific amount of time before a countdown reaches zero, or you’ll explode. Expect a faster reload, weapon swap, and quicker movement speed after your first kill. Points are awarded for every kill, meaning getting kills, staying alive longer, earning more points, and finally claiming victory with your team is the plan in Cranked.

How does Hyper Cranked up the stakes even more? Simple; you spawn into a match already Cranked, with the countdown running! Chain kills, stay alive, and don’t dawdle!


Havoc (Mid-Season)

Eliminate the enemy while experiencing changing gameplay modifiers throughout the match.

Last seen in Season 5 of Modern Warfare II (2022), Havoc is a Core Multiplayer mode inspired by classic arena-shooter gameplay, with additional enhancements courtesy of a random selection of chaos-inducing modifiers. Expect gameplay to be consistently entertaining, fast-paced, and never the same.

The action begins with the Team Deathmatch ruleset in effect, with the first team to reach 75 points awarded the win. However, Killstreaks (except those awarded with a modifier) are disabled, and a variety of match-changing modifiers come into play!

Once the action starts, you’ll notice a series of five circular icons under your map compass, at the top of the screen. These indicate the modifiers currently in play. After a two and a half-second countdown, your first modifier is awarded. Then, once either team has reached a score multiplier of 12 kills (12, 24, 36 and 48), another new modifier is added to the match, affecting both teams immediately, from the following modifier pool:

  • Ammo Feeder: Auto reload after you kill an enemy.
  • Boots off the Ground: Low gravity.
  • Camera Shift: Third-person mode.
  • Chain Reaction: Sticky Grenades launched on kill.
  • Charged Up: Gain Cranked on kills.
  • Equipment Restock: Equipment is refilled on kills.
  • Eyes On: Advanced UAV is always active.
  • Gun Runner: Random gun on kill.
  • Hero Smash: Explosive landing from an elevated position.
  • Hot Shot: Crossbows only, Molotov bolts.
  • Lucky Three: Every three kills gives you a random Killstreak.
  • One Tap: Headshots kill with one bullet.
  • Snapshot Killer: Launch a snapshot grenade (and ping pulse) on kill.
  • System Reroll (Fifth Modifier only): Full reroll of all active modifiers.

Hyper Cranked (Launch)

Lock the target, aim at the cranium, and fire.

This team mode, played on a small moshpit of maps, is for skilled players that can demonstrate impressive aim. Using Team Deathmatch rules, augmented by the fact that only headshots count when eliminating other players; no damage is dealt, and no team score progression is possible unless your cranium-aiming is true.

With only one place to aim at, loadouts become of prime importance, and there are no limits on the weapons, Perks, Equipment, or Killstreaks you can take with you. Note that thrown Lethals like Knives or Stars can only deal damage if they strike the head, grenades are only effective if they damage the head, and you may want to leave Melee weapons back at the Lobby.


All Game Modes (Launch, Mid-Season)

Look for Playlist updates that indicate the presence of certain gameplay modifiers, like the Minefield Mode in Season 3. Expect some playlists to have active Killstreak, or Event-based modifiers which may include one or more of the following. These will apply to any Multiplayer Mode you are currently playing within the Playlist:

  • Looping Killstreaks: Streaks reset fully once you reach the upper end of your current streaks, allowing you to earn unlimited streaks in one life.
  • Earning Killstreaks: You receive points added to your streak if you slay an enemy player with your Killstreak, or Assist in killing a player with your Killstreak.
  • Killstreak Cache: When a player is eliminated, they drop a cache containing a percentage of their earned Killstreak progress. Grab the cache and add it to your own progress!
  • Critical Countdown Event Items: During the forthcoming Critical Countdown Event, expect enemies to drop [[REDACTED]] in-game items that can be collected to more quickly progress the Event.


Johnny “Soap” MacTavish (SpecGru, Launch)

  • Nautilus Skin: Instant Reward Sector
  • Gilded Virus Skin: Completion Sector: Tier 100

This grizzled Task Force 141 veteran and Scottish warrior brings his rugged yet effective skills to the AO. With his head strong leadership, you can recon the imminent threat and figure out just what the hell is going on.


Hammer (KorTac, Launch)

  • Operator and Skin: Instant Reward Sector

This Brazilian Operator’s callsign comes from his childhood dog, a Brazilian Mastiff, who he lovingly named Hammer and who served by his side in the military. He works every day to honor the legacy of their bond.


Void (KorTac, Launch)

  • Operator and Skin: Sector 16

All biographical information for this Operator has been [[REDACTED]].


Dupe (SpecGru) and Copy (KorTac) (Launch)

  • Operators and Skins: Instant BlackCell Reward

All biographical information for these BlackCell Operators has been [[REDACTED]].


Superi 46 (Submachine Gun, Launch, Battle Pass Sector 6)

Levels: 21, Battle Pass Blueprint (Sector 20)

This pistol-caliber carbine chambered in 4.6x30mm is designed to give impressive stopping power with a skeletonized, lightweight frame. Exceptionally adaptable, this weapon can be modified to excel in most combat scenarios.

As you’d expect given the size of the caliber, the Superi 46 is impressively impactful at closer ranges, with 30 rounds in the chamber and 90 in reserve. However, this SMG offers accuracy to mid-range and above-average recoil control, delivering practicality as well as the firepower you need for most circumstances.


Marksman Rifle (Launch, Battle Pass Sector 5)

Levels: 16, Battle Pass Blueprint (Sector 15)

This modernized version of a WWII bolt-action rifle is powerful and accurate. High damage output with a slow rate of fire.

Last seen in Call of Duty: Vanguard and found in the Modern Warfare III Marksman Rifle Loadout category after unlocking it in the Battle Pass, this archaic-looking rifle with only five rounds before a reload, and ten rounds in reserve, may get overlooked by the uninitiated. Veteran players, however, know this weapon is arguably the hardest-hitting and accurate long-range rifle there is, offering quick ADS speed, massive damage, limited flinch, small but functional iron sight, and rapid takedown potential no matter how far away your foe is.


Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun, Mid-Season)

Levels: 15

Veteran Call of Duty players may know this heavy-hitting, legendary 12-gauge shotgun by another name, and at mid-season you’ll be able to empower your arsenal with this classic slide-action shotgun that packs a rapid and powerful punch. Last seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, this new reimagined variant offers a base of eight semi-automatic rounds with 16 in reserve.


Sledgehammer (Melee Weapon, Mid-Season)

Levels: 6

Smack some heads with this hammer claw bar Melee weapon. 

This bludgeoning behemoth isn’t designed for driving nails into wood, with a 20-pound head forged from carbon steel, beveled so the weapon doesn’t chip when striking, this monster of a melee weapon can inflict massive blunt force damage quickly, knock a foe back with a pole butt, or cause more monumental damage after a brief pause and a swing. Crack some heads with the Sledgehammer.


JAK Harbinger Kit

Compatibility: M4 Assault Rifle (MWII)

This .50 Cal conversion kit for the M4 is an extremely deadly, quick-kill weapon. The slow fire rate, drop in bullet velocity, and a significant increase in recoil will require a careful hand.


JAK Gunslinger

Compatibility: Basilisk Handgun (MWII)

A frame and cylinder conversion that allows the revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition with an exceptional increase to rate of fire and a near instantaneous trigger action.


JAK Volkh

Compatibility: KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle (MWIII)

A meticulously crafted stock and receiver modification that updates the weapon to fire a two-round burst at minimal MOA dispersion, making every trigger pull count.


JAK Scimitar Kit

Compatibility: FJX Horus Submachine Gun (MWIII)

Improved range and recoil are standard with this aftermarket kit which also unlocks the use of a high-capacity drum mag for the FJX Horus.


JAK Thumper-656

Compatibility: RGL-80 Launcher (MWIII)

An improved long barrel for an infantry-carried grenade launcher. Fires projectiles at higher velocities and distances. Compatible with a wider variety of launcher projectiles.


JAK Requiem

Compatibility: Kastov 762 Assault Rifle (MWII)

A counter-balanced rifle system designed to completely eliminate vertical recoil.


JAK Decimator

Compatibility: Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun (MWII)

This modification allows the Lachmann Shroud to fire in full auto.


JAK Intimidator

Compatibility: Renetti Handgun (MWIII)

Slow down your fire rate and take more deliberate shots with this modification that changes the Renetti to a single-shot weapon.


New Perk (Vest): Mission Control Vest (Launch)

Streak Specialist.

  • Equipment Slots (6): Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrade, Gloves, Gear (2)
  • Reduces kills required by 1 and score required by 125 for Killstreaks.
  • Earn 1 kill or 125 score for every 2 Kill Assists or Cross Fire Assists.

Duplicate effects do not stack. If equipped with Mission Control Comlink, gain the effects of High Gain Antenna.


New Perk (Gear): Compression Plate (Launch)

Immediately regenerate health after a Primary, Secondary, or Throwing Knife/Throwing Star kill. Objective captures also trigger health regeneration. An icon appears on your HUD when this Perk is active.


New Killstreak: Intelligent Munitions Systems (I.M.S.) (Launch)

Kills: 7

Score: 875

The Intelligent Munitions System is loaded with smart explosives that eliminate enemy personnel and vehicles within range. When triggered, it will eject an explosive upwards, which then locks onto its target and propels towards them.


New Killstreak: Loitering Munition (Launch)

Kills: 8

Score: 1,000

An unmanned rocket equipped drone loiters over the targeted areas. On each activation the drone selects the targeted location with the largest number of viable targets to bombard with rockets. Can be activated up to three times.


New Killstreak: Missile Drone (Launch)

Kills: 11

Score: 1,375

A small, piloted drone controlled by the player that fires guided missiles.


New Killstreak: DNA Bomb (Launch)

Kills: [[REDACTED]]

The discovery of a DNA Bomb Popov Power in Urzikstan is a taste of the tremendous power this brings to a Multiplayer match. The tremendous explosion can be triggered providing you’ve acquired enough consecutive kills without dying. Once you’re granted the DNA Bomb you can detonate it, eliminating all players on the opposing team. Unlike the MGB, the DNA Bomb does not conclude the match.


Unstable Rift (Mid-Season)

Join other members of Operation: Deadbolt during Season 4 Reloaded to investigate numerous and violent anomalies lurking within what Sergei Ravenov has termed an “Unstable Rift.” Deploy to the Exclusion Zone, and undertake a focused race and challenge to access the entrance into an Unstable Rift. Time is of the essence, as only the first squad to reach a Rift and vote to enter it will be transported into it. Thankfully, several entrances to the Unstable Rift can appear per match.

This allows you to return to an undisclosed portion of a Rift you may have previously visited. However, on this occasion, a large horde of zombies and other grotesque horrors attempt to assault you almost immediately, and intense waves of enemies continuously swarm you until the hordes are slain, or your team is overwhelmed.

Clearing an Unstable Rift of its nightmarish denizens does offer benefits; all weapon and schematic cooldowns are immediately wiped and refreshed if you succeed, and if you’re a glutton for havoc, you can repeat this activity as many times as your squad can successfully enter an Unstable Rift.


Call of Duty: Warzone


Combat across Urzikstan, Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep and Vondel continues, and though no major points of interest appear to have changed, the discovery of a mysterious DNA Bomb at Popov Power leaves you and your squad little time to discover incoming threats.

This truth may not be immediately obvious, but as the season progresses, additional discoveries may cause a significant shift in your plans…


Urzikstan Bunker Update (Launch, In-Season)

Increased activity across Urzikstan seems to be focused on the Bunkers dotted across the warzone. After keycard access is obtained, an expanded interior may be accessible, along with high-level loot and additional intel regarding the location of [[REDACTED]]. Secondary Bunker exit hatches are likely to be active, allowing your squad multiple methods of escape. However, not all Bunkers appear to be accessible. Further investigation, and great care, is needed to solve this conundrum. 


Urzikstan Gulag Update (Launch)

Additional Gulag silos have opened up during Urzikstan Battle Royale matches, and recon teams have confirmed four different variants. Expect to randomly drop into one of them, offering you new ways to approach your 1v1 duel for redeployment.

Gulag “S”: Stacked equipment and L-shaped plywood walls with an S-shaped central wall over the circular floor grate.

Gulag “2”: A three-panel curved wall, stacked equipment against two walled sections, and two curved inner walls above the circular floor grate.

Gulag “3”: Stacked equipment against two walled sections, with concrete L-shaped walls around the central circular floor grate.

Gulag “8”: A rectangular concrete barrier wall outside long central section around the central circular floor grate with one plywood wall sprayed with a blue “8”.



Returning Mode: Buy Back Royale Solos (Urzikstan, Launch)

Money is life. Earn enough Cash to redeploy automatically. Last team standing wins.

Being down doesn’t mean being out, providing you’ve got the Cash for a revive. Following the regular Battle Royale rules, this Urzikstan-only mode disables the Gulag, and instead allows you to return to a match after dying, along with a removal of some of your collected Cash reserves. Multiple redeployments are available until the final moments of a match (around the same time the Gulag closes in regular Battle Royale), allowing for a more risky, aggressive strategy and higher eliminations if you’ve the funds for it.


Additional Modes (In-Season)

SpecGru and KorTac Operators across multiple infil zones should expect additional [[REDACTED]] and a number of [[REDACTED]] modes as the Season progresses. Exercise extreme caution as you investigate [[REDACTED]], one step closer to the truth.


Call of Duty: Warzone Rewards (Launch)

As well as Daily and Weekly Call of Duty: Warzone Rewards, a third set of brand new rewards specifically tailored to Call of Duty: Warzone players will be available at launch, all of which are trackable, and some of which unlock some of the most coveted rewards around! Accessible in the “Call of Duty: Warzone Rewards” section of the Challenges Menu, there are five different types of Challenge to complete, each granting a reward:

  • Economics: These offer rewards in return for looting and spending Cash at Buy Stations.
  • Contracts: Unlock items for completing different types (and numbers) of Contracts.
  • Social: Interact with enemy players or aid your team to secure more item rewards.
  • Mode: Complete tasks in different game modes, from Battle Royale to Plunder to Resurgence.
  • Champion’s Quest: Is a Champion’s Quest active in your game? Then check these Challenges out!


Specialist Perk (Urzikstan, Launch)

Operators dropping into Urzikstan can now obtain the legendary and most prized Perk possession, the Specialist Perk suitcase! In addition to the default Perks available to all Operators (Tac Pads, Commando Gloves, Quick-Grip Gloves, Climbing Boots, and Overkill), this rare ground loot grants you the advantages of the following 29 additional Perks, but only for the remainder of the match:

  • Perk Slots 1 and 2 (all Perks active): Battle Hardened, Double Time, E.O.D., Focus, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Strong Arm.
  • Perk Slot 3 (all Perks active): Cold-Blooded, Escapist, Payout, Primed, Quick Fix, Resupply, Stalker, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.
  • Perk Slot 4 (all Perks active): Birdseye, Combat Scout, Flex, Ghost, High Alert, Resolute, Shrouded.


Tactical Sprint Boots (Urzikstan, Launch Window)

Urzikstan-based Operators can look forward to infiltrating any of the accessible bunkers to obtain the Tactical Sprint Boots Perk, which will give you an increase to your base speed and an infinite Tactical Sprint improvement.


New Vehicle: Polaris RZR (Urzikstan, Launch)

The ultimate combination of power, strength, and control has arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone! The Polaris RZR Pro R, a real-world side-by-side UTV offering immediate acceleration, nimble handling, and rugged durability is available as a Land Vehicle within Urzikstan. Appearing as “Polaris RZR” on your Tac-Map, this side-by-side differs from the current in-game UTV as it offers a tighter turning circle and handling, three seats and improved fuel economy. Currently available in Urzikstan in any color as long as it’s gray. 


Loot Hot Zones (Launch)

Designated points of interest on the map may identified as “Loot Hot Zones.” Get there before the enemy and you’ll be rewarded with higher tier loot than normal. Just be prepared for a vicious battle over who gets to claim this enhanced gear! 


[[REDACTED]] Weapons (Mid-Season)

By the time you reach mid-season, you may be wishing for impressive and rare weaponry to deal with enhanced threats across the battlefield. Fortunately, a number of Redacted Weapons, each found within a Loot Hot Zone or Bunker, have been confirmed as Ground Loot to find. Gather these powerful weapons with up to 10 attachments (as denoted above your weapon icon) and finish your foes with the firepower you need!


Drop into Urzikstan engagements at mid-season, and there’s a small chance your end game occurs on a runaway train. Expect confirmation of this sometime around the sixth gas circle where the Public Event may be announced. Prepare for a wild ride; Operators with memories of “Slay Ride Resurgence” know what to expect. Seek immediate refuge close to the train, which cannot be controlled! Fortunately, the circle of gas (the safe zone) remains over the moving train until the end of the match, forcing squads to battle on or around the careening carriages, though the train itself slows down enough to provide access, as well as unique takedown opportunities.


Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked Play: Resurgence continues on Rebirth Island, and the ruleset remains the same; drop in and battle your way to the Top 250 players worldwide and earn a variety of rewards for both Ranking up and advancing through the Skill Divisions.

As always, Ranked Play Resurgence players can earn rewards via Ranking, the completion of Placement Challenges, and Skill Division rewards.


New Season 4 Skill Division Rewards

Here are the Season 4 Kills or Assists, and Placements Rewards:

  • Get 25 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Competitor Weapon Sticker
  • Get 250 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Loading Screen
  • Get 1,000 Kills or Assists: WZ Season 4 Ranked Veteran Weapon Camo
  • Place in the Top 7, 25 times: EGO Chall Weapon Decal
  • Place in the Top 5, 25 times: Pro Issue SVA 545 Weapon Blueprint
  • Place 1st: Death Fee Collection Weapon Charm


Here are the End of Season Rewards for Season 4, related to the highest placement in your Skill Division:

  • Bronze: “WZ Season 4 Bronze” Emblem
  • Silver: “WZ Season 4 Silver” Emblem
  • Gold: “WZ Season 4 Gold” Animated Emblem
  • Platinum: “WZ Season 4 Platinum” Animated Emblem
  • Diamond: “WZ Season 4 Diamond” Animated Emblem
  • Crimson: “WZ Season 4 Crimson” Animated Emblem
  • Iridescent: “WZ Season 4 Iridescent” Animated Emblem
  • Iridescent: “WZ Season 4 Iridescent” Animated Calling Card
  • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Calling Card
  • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Emblem
  • Top 250: “WZ Season 4 Top 250” Animated Weapon Camo
  • #1 Overall: “MWIII Season #1 Overall” Animated Calling Card


Seasonal Division Operators: You also earn the Skill Division Operator Skin sets for use with both the CDL Male and Female Operators (for both factions) to represent your highest Skill Division above gold. These Skins are the same as the ones you can unlock in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Ranked Play.


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile


Proceed with caution as a maelstrom of experimental chemicals enters the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile atmosphere, threatening to throw everything off balance. For Season 4, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will feature new limited time modes, BR map changes, free weekly events, alongside new bundles and store offerings in sync with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone.


Crash (6v6, Core, Launch)

A compact, fan-favorite multiplayer map, check your six and clear the corners as you drop into a town square recently ruined by a crash-landed helicopter. Surrounded by alleyways, tight corners and corridors, and a variety of buildings with upper floors and windows to add verticality to your firefights, expect face-paced combat. This is based on a version of Crash from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).


Helicopter Crash (Launch)

A series of helicopters carrying top-secret cargo have been shot down somewhere in Verdansk. Recent recon from the crash site itself indicates dangerous parts and technology from a bio-lab are scattered across the area. Proceed with caution as this toxic debris may contain unnatural elements dangerous to humans.


Chemical Storage Units (Launch)

Recently, a large cargo ship has docked at the port on Rebirth Island, and imagery confirms the vessel was carrying multiple toxic container racks. This classified bio-tech cargo and other associated technology should be considered dangerous, as nefarious forces may look to transport them to parts unknown within the island itself.


Multiplayer: Killstreak Roulette Mode (TDM, LTM, Launch)

This Team Deathmatch variant is here for a limited time only and comes with a Killstreak focus. Instead of accruing Killstreaks in the usual manner, you’re awarded a random Killstreak for every three enemies you consecutively eliminate in a single life. Prepare for chaos!


Battle Royale: Buyers’ Royale Mode (LTM, Launch)

Mobile Royale arrives with a Cash-based twist. Throughout the match, players can swiftly make purchases via an on-screen Cloud Buy Station, so no more fighting over coveted Buy Stations. These quickly accessible Cloud Buy Stations include powerful weapons that aren’t normally found in loot caches, and downed teammates to keep your squad in the fight. The last team standing wins.


New Feature: Toxic Barrels (Verdansk, Rebirth Island, Launch)

Be on your guard when traversing Verdansk and Rebirth Island, as a number of toxic barrels have been discovered, dotted across the landscape. These appear to be filled with green gas, which seems to be flammable. Destroy these barrels to claim additional Event Points in the associated weekly event.


Updated Feature: Event Store (In-Season)

As you progress through both Battle Royale and Multiplayer-based Events, you’re able to earn both Event Points, as well as Event Store Badges. These are seasonal in nature (and therefore only available for a limited time) and can be exchanged to earn some exceptional free content in the Event store, like the “Hazard Strike” Operator Skin for Kleo, and the “Diabolical” weapon Blueprint for the MTZ-762.


Step into The Keep, where you can spend COD Points for a chance to earn high-value rewards, including impressive Operator skins and weapon blueprints with unique visual designs and effects. All premium rewards in The Keep are only available for a limited time and currently only usable in Warzone Mobile.

This new season will feature four different Keeps of various themes full of those high-value rewards. For a sneak-peak, we’ll have the Dungeon Crawler Keep launching during Season 4 with weapons, operators, and cosmetic rewards all designed to thematically a classic pen and paper adventure with Call of Duty. Here’s a look at some of those rewards: 

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