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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Two

Season Two for Vanguard cranks up the action with new Multiplayer maps, a new Battle Pass, Perk, Lethal, and Killstreak additions, and the introduction of Task Force Yeti.


Meet the members of Task Force Yeti:


Anna Drake (instant unlock with the Season Two Battle Pass) 

Anna Drake was born in Vienna where she enjoyed hiking and skiing in the nearby wilderness. Her pleasant life was destroyed during the Nazi invasion. The Kristallnacht pogrom demolished her home and heritage, as her family and friends were executed. Anna was taken prisoner, the last of her family alive. She bravely escaped, then joined the resistance with the Ö5 network.

Favorite Weapon: KG M40 (free unlock at Tier 15 of the Season Two Battle Pass)

Thomas Bolt (coming to the Store in-season) 

Thomas was born in New Carlisle Quebec to a French father and a Spanish mother, and grew up in Spain. He fought in World War I, served as a volunteer for the Mackenzie–Papineau Battalion, and drove tanks in World War II. His battle experience hardened him, but only out of care for his soldiers in an attempt to send everyone back home. He loves his partner and is optimistic about returning to him after the war.

Favorite Weapon: Whitley (free unlock at Tier 31 of the Season Two Battle Pass)

Gustavo dos Santos (coming to the Store in-season) 

A wealthy playboy, Gustavo dos Santos fled Brazil to be a frivolous socialite in Paris. After a chance encounter with a French resistance agent revealed Germany’s secret plans for Brazil, Gustavo risked his life to deliver the intelligence to his homeland. He joined the "The Smoking Cobras," (also known as the Brazilian Expeditionary Force) and took Monte Castello, the last line of Nazi defenses in Northern Italy.

Favorite Weapon: Armaguerra 43 (coming later in Season Two)


Each new Operator includes a 20-level Operator XP progression path, including Operator Quips, two Skins, XP Bonuses, a Finishing Move, and more. You can equip and use their favorite weapons in matches to complete individual challenges and rank up faster.



Unlocked via Season Two Battle Pass


KG M40 - Assault Rifle

Adopted across several Scandinavian armies during the war, and also the preferred weapon of Anna Drake, the KG M40 is a high-caliber fully automatic weapon that rivals the first three Assault Rifles unlocked in Vanguard.

Boasting the second highest damage per shot in its category, a similar effective range to the NZ-41, and a fire rate above 600 RPM, this weapon can be a strong contender in mid- to long-distance engagements. Its strengths can be fully unlocked when an Operator can control its recoil, a mix of horizontal and vertical kicks like the Cooper Carbine, but with slightly better centering speed.


Whitley - LMG

The Whitley represents one of the first machine guns ever used in warfare, rivaling its Battle Pass brother for a strong mid- to long-range tool across all three game modes.

Despite its age, this LMG is highly customizable, and even in its base form provides a niche role with the best damage per shot compared to its four Vanguard competitors.


Coming in-season


Ice Axe - Melee Weapon

In the Alps, an Ice Axe is sharp enough to stick through rocky mountainsides or a hard target.

This strong melee tool is fit for snowy conditions, although it is deadly enough to be a one-hit kill no matter where in the world it is swung.


Armaguerra 43 - SMG

Only produced in small quantities, this advanced submachine gun gave insight into how modern CQB armaments could function, even though its design was never built upon in the decades to follow.

Due to its prototypical nature, more research is needed on its available attachments and effectiveness in live-fire scenarios.




The larger of the Season Two maps, Casablanca challenges Operators with its winding city streets and multiple interior locations. High walls throughout create a labyrinth where combat can erupt at any moment. It may take a few matches to get your bearings, but once you do, the tactical opportunities are endless.

The Rooftop Lounge connecting the two Market buildings is a particularly dangerous spot. Offering long, high views over a large portion of the map, this area is guaranteed to draw attention. When engaging with any of the interior locations, watch for market stands and crates offering quick entry via mantling.

Use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade to better hunt down enemies, so they’re less likely to be alerted to your attack. And keep that weapon raised when turning corners in the streets, so you’re always one step ahead when danger inevitably arrives.



Dress warmly and don’t get too distracted by the scenic views. This medium-sized map is nearly symmetrical, with some variation between the far west and east spawns. From each spawn, you descend toward the lower middle ground or straight across through the upper Power Plant. The central feature here is a working gondola, providing a lift across the middle gulch for those seeking a break from hoofing it.

On the west side, the Heavy Water Plant provides a great view over the gulch, as well as opportune sightlines into the gondolas for dislodging traveling enemies; watch out for those enemies when you’re taking a ride. With a Sniper Rifle or strong zoom, you can get some decent shots into the Power Plant as well. Find another power position on the second story of the Warming Hut, a good spot for taking out enemies rushing out of the Power Plant’s west exit.

To the east, the Gondola Station marks the entry point for hopping on a ride, and it houses objective locations across several modes. Ambush enemies through the northern caves and mount up on the ledge outside the Administration building for views over the middle.

The center of the map is divided between the lower gulch and the upper Power Plant. Note the ladder leading up into the central Fire Watch Tower from below, and use the Power Plant’s turbines for cover when engaging enemy Operators within.





Armory - Perk 1

A direct counter-Perk to Engineer, Armory is ideal for Operators who use more than just their weaponry in combat, namely placeable Demolition Charges, concussion mines, and placeable Field Equipment pieces.


Mechanic - Perk 3

Mechanic provides a reasonable buff to Field Upgrade charge time, making it a must-have for completing challenges related to them or for Operators who love using them.




Sticky Bomb

A familiar sight for veteran players, the Sticky Bomb is a direct rival to the Frag Grenade and Gammon Bomb as a throwable explosive equipment piece.



Ball Turret Gunner

Able to be activated after achieving a 12 Killstreak, the Ball Turret Gunner is hard to earn but rewarding to use. Prepare for potential carnage if you assign it to one of your three available Killstreak slots.




  • Dimensions shift and the Dark Aether opens. The undead assault heats up in Egypt's Eastern Desert, where a portal to the Dark Aether opens alongside other new arenas…
  • A new Artifact gives you strength to conquer the Deceiver. Vercanna the Last joins the fight to tend to your squad's wounds with Healing Aura… and aid against the three-faced Zaballa the Deceiver.
  • Wonder Weapons to aid with new Objective & Story Quest. Wield the Ray Gun and Decimator Shield alongside new armaments as you partake in Sacrifice and uncover the secret to defeating Kortifex.



New Hub Map and Arenas — "Terra Maledicta"

"Der Anfang" was only the beginning. As the undead army prepares to invade a new front, Krafft and company take the fight to Von List in "Terra Maledicta," a new Zombies experience set in Egypt's Eastern Desert and abroad.

Gateways to new arenas will open, including the Dark Aether itself in an entirely new location for Vanguard Zombies. Professor Krafft and his Special Forces fighters have established a "beachhead" within the Dark Aether in the fight against Von List, where they'll risk everything to obtain a lost page from the Tome of Rituals.


New Ally and Foe: Vercanna the Last and Zaballa the Deceiver

The Dark Aether entities continue a supernatural war through the mortal world as a new ally appears and a powerful enemy makes her presence known.


New Artifact Power from Vercanna the Last: Healing Aura

Vercanna the Last is the latest Dark Aether entity to lend her powers to the battle against Von List and Kortifex. A newcomer to our world, Vercanna seeks revenge on Kortifex for wiping out her entire clan. She is the Last of her kind, and joins Krafft's allies at a crucial moment in the war on the undead.

Her elemental command of Life Energy through her Artifact, the Wand of the Wilds, grants the player the Healing Aura ability that can be crucial in combat. By default, activating her Artifact will send beams of light down on all Operators, instantly bringing them back to full health.

Healing Aura's base ability and upgrade tiers include:

  • Tier I (Base): The Wand of the Wilds summons Vercanna's Life Energy to instantly heal yourself and allies to full health.
  • Tier II: Knock down normal enemies and stun Special enemies near each player.
  • Tier III: Revive all downed allies.
  • Tier IV: Revived allies have their lost Perks returned.
  • Tier V: The Life Energy persists at each player's location for 10 seconds and continues to heal and revive players.


Zaballa the Deceiver — A Cunning and Shifty Trickster

Those brave enough to survive in "Der Anfang" or "Terra Maledicta" for multiple rounds will come across Zaballa the Deceiver, a powerful enforcer from the Dark Aether unleashed upon the world by Kortifex. For thousands of years, she served Kortifex as one of his "Sisters of Agony," and her deep history with the existing Dark Aether entities means they all have scores to settle with her.

A chaotic evil charlatan with a devious sense of humor, Zaballa's true face hides behind three masks. These give her the strength to hover away from Operators, striking beneath the surface with electrical eruptions at a moment's notice.

Although she is resistant to many forms of attack, that which gives her energy could also be her greatest weakness…


Wonder Weapons Return, Both Old and New

Our Special Forces Operators already have access to dozens of ballistic-based weapons, as well as some melee tools, to fend off the undead. But in Season Two, the four new weapons across Vanguard and Warzone are just the beginning of what Zombies fans can expect in their arsenals.

Through a bit of exploration, elite skill, and perhaps some divine intervention, Operators can wield two Wonder Weapons: energy-based arms with mysterious origins and herculean effects in battle.

Explore "Terra Maledicta" to discover the Decimator Shield, an all-new Wonder Weapon offering superior protection and the mighty Decimation Blast ability. With a unique personality of its own, the Decimator is only too happy to help Krafft's freedom fighters take down Von List's undead army.

The other Wonder Weapon is one that veterans will be familiar with: the classic Ray Gun returns to Zombies! The gold — or rather, bright red — standard for Wonder Weapons since Call of Duty: World at War, the Ray Gun fires circular enemy beams that can tear zombies apart in just one shot. Look for it in the Mystery Box, or as a lucky loot drop during a match.


New Sacrifice Objective, Story Quest, and Side Easter Eggs

Vanguard Zombies' sixth Objective calls upon players to disrupt a gruesome Dark Aether blood-magic ceremony. Grotesque structures known as Syphoncores will suck the essence out of the surrounding undead. Once they feed, the Syphoncores will spawn more zombies than they consumed, unleashing the horde upon the world. Prevent the zombies from filling all three, and the dark ceremony will be thwarted.

"Terra Maledicta" also presents players with a special Story Quest that introduces Vercanna the Last to the action and gives players access to the mighty Decimator Shield. A series of special tasks and narrative revelations will advance the Dark Aether saga, as players search for a missing page from the Tome of Rituals that may be the key to defeating Von List and Kortifex.

In addition, side Easter Eggs are returning in Vanguard Zombies, this time inspired by the classic "Origins" map from Black Ops II. Pick up a shovel and find loot hidden throughout the Eastern Desert, and dig even deeper to uncover all the secrets "Terra Maledicta" has to offer.


New Covenant: Artifact Ward

A new ability joins the Altar of Covenants with three tiers of rarity. Equip Artifact Ward for a chance to trigger your Artifact for free when hit by a melee attack from the rear, which can come in clutch when your squad's in trouble during higher rounds.

Artifact Ward's three rarities are as follows:

  • Rare: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a chance to trigger your Artifact.
  • Epic: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.
  • Legendary: Being hit by a melee attack anywhere has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.


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